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Includes letterpress printed red hardback with black lettering, choice to two dust jackets, advertising band, die cut bookmark, slipcase, folded map of Pellucidar, etc.. (see details below)
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BSA ERBI 2nd Edition
BSA G&D Edition
Book/Lettering Color
Blue Cloth w/ Orange Embossed Lettering
Red Cloth w/ Black Embossed Lettering
Official Publisher
Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.
Grosset & Dunlap™
Date of Publication              
March 2015
August 2015
2nd Edition
First reprinting by G&D
Hardback – sewn binding/Letterpress printed
Hardback sewn-binding/Letterpress printed
Number of Pages
318 + Limitation Page
318 + (2) G&D Ad pages
Dust Jacket                   
Original dj art by John Coleman Burroughs
Choice of two dust jackets – JCB or Bob Eggleton
8 “New” Color Illustrations – three foldouts
8 JCB original interior Illustrations newly colorized
New Map of Pellucidar
New Map of Pellucidar
Special Additions/Features
Original 1937 Printer Plate, Dedication Page, Signed/Numbered Limitation Page
Die cut bookmark, Belly band, ERB G&D list on reverse of dust jacket, Full size folded map
Book Housing
Black Clamshell Box – Gold Lettering/Decoration
Black Slipcase – Silver Decoration
Copies Printed
$249.99 + $10 shipping
$150 + $10 shipping



Will Murray Interview about his latest Tarzan Book

Tarzan Return to Pal-ul-don

Venture Galleries just posted a great interview with the author of the latest Tarzan book:

PROLIFIC ADVENTURE WRITER Will Murray is a pulp savant. There are few other current pulp scholars who can match his knowledge of the wide range of pulps. Will has written uncountable introductions to pulp related anthologies, collections, and reprints. He has single handedly resurrected the career of one of pulps greatest heroes in his series, The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage from Altus Press.

Read the full interview Right Here!


New Novel “Tarzan: Pal-Ul–Don” by Noted Author Will Murray

(June 5, 2015 – Tarzana, CA by Will Murray) I’m immensely pleased and proud to announce that I had been chosen by ERB Inc. to write the first authorized Tarzan novel in several years to be set in the series’ original time period. Although I’m perhaps best known for my Doc Savage novels, I actually discovered the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs about a year before I discovered Doc. It was the purchase of the Ballantine Books edition of “The Gods of Mars” in 1968 that started me on my lifelong love affair with all things Burroughsian.

When the opportunity came to write a Tarzan adventure, I gave a lot of thought over which phase of the ape-man’s career to set my story. From the beginning, the plan was to sequel “Tarzan the Terrible,” one of ERB’s most masterful Tarzan novels, and a personal favorite of the Burroughs’, second only to “Tarzan of the Apes” in that series.

New Tarzan Novel Pal-Ul–Don by Noted Author Will Murray

At first, I thought we would leave the timeframe vague, but the more I delved into the series, the more I was drawn to the little-recorded phase in which John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, left his jungle home to serve in the Royal Air Force during World War Two. Burroughs portrayed his hero as an observer in “Tarzan and The Foreign Legion,” so he would likely have previously undergone flight training. Here was a great jumping-off point to depict the civilized John Clayton in a rarely-seen role––that of combat fighter pilot––from there to segue into a classic reversion to this natural state as the untamed Lord of the Jungle.

In “Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don,” fresh from flight school, Clayton is given a secret mission. An RAF plane has gone down in Africa, along with a military intelligence operative codenamed Ilex. His mission is to locate Ilex and bring the nameless agent back to civilization, along with the unknown Axis secret being carried to Allied leaders. As it happened, the missing plane crashed into a previously unexplored area Pal-ul-don. So when Flying Officer Clayton’s shark-mouthed P-40 Tomahawk fighter plane is attacked by pteranodons, causing him to crash land in strangely familiar territory, the ape-man discovers he’s back in the Land of Man. And so begins his quest.

In this sequel, we are not revisiting the cities and peoples encountered in “Tarzan the Terrible.” Instead, Tarzan finds himself caught in the web of a completely different tree-dwelling tribe which presents the fearless ape-man with one of the most epic challenges of his long career. Tarzan the hunter becomes Tarzan the hunted!

I don’t want to give away any more of the story, but “Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don” is an imaginative quest into a savage land both familiar and alien. The allies and perils the ape-man collects along the way are a tribute to the powerful imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of the great pulp adventure writers of the 20th Century.

This is Tarzan of the Apes as Burroughs originally portrayed him.

Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., adds, “We couldn’t be more pleased to have such a talented writer as Will Murray write a sequel to one of Mr. Burroughs’ Tarzan novels. The pace is fast and the suspense never lets up, just what a reader expects when following the adventures of our Ape-Man.”

––Will Murray

Click Here to Order Link the New Novel: Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-Don.

copyright © 2015 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Tarzan of the Apes copyright © 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and Used By Permission.

First Edition – June 2015
Designed by Matthew Moring/Altus Press


‘War Of The World’ Original Drawings To be Sold at an Auction

War of the Worlds Drawing

An interesting speculation from HuffingtonPost about the expected high value of the ‘War of The World’ drawings dating back to the start of the century:

The originals of the illustrations, created by Brazilian artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa, are to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills, Calif. on May 14. But if you’re interested in bidding, get set for some sticker shock; the entire collection, which includes 31 pencil and ink drawings plus a vintage poster and a postcard from Wells to Corrêa, is expected to fetch a staggering $500,000, according to a spokesman for the auction house.

Read the full story at: Huffington Post
Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions


Publisher’s Limited Edition of ‘Back to the Stone Age’ Coming Soon!

Publisher's Limited Edition of Back to the Stone Age Coming Soon!

Our fans may be interested in knowing about this!

Recently, the printing plates for Back to the Stone Age were discovered–stored in their original wooden shipping crates. They are thought to be the only surviving set of plates for any Burroughs book. While most plates were used for as many as 30 printings, these plates were only used once–to print the first edition in 1937. Back to the Stone Age was the only pre-war Burroughs title not reprinted by either ERB Inc. or Grosset & Dunlap. That is until now.

Other offerings will be available as well. Click Here to Find out more!


A 5 out of 5 Review of Andy Briggs’ “Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior” in The Guardian

New Adventures of Tarzan Book by Andy Briggs
The second Tarzan book in the series sees Tarzan, Jane and Robbie on the trail of a team of brutal poachers, when Karnath is snatched from his home in the jungle. The chase takes them out of the Jungle as they frantically try to rescue Karnath before he is sold, or worse killed.

I loved this book. Tarzan is great because he is so stubborn and mistrustful of people who disrupt his life in the jungle. The end bit of the book was fantastic because of the action. I would absolutely recommend this book because it is action-packed and exciting. A huge 5/5 stars.

Original Review here

And you can purchase the book right here


“Tarzan Slept Here” Book

Tarzan Slept Here Book Flier

For over two decades, the “small town” of Coldwater, Michigan provided a “big city” getaway for Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan Slept Here details the authors time spent in Coldwater, the summer home to his wife’s family, the Hulberts. A pair of Burroughs’ well-known works were penned in Coldwater: “Beyond Thirty” was imagined at Sunnyside Farm; and the fourth chapter of “Jungle Tales of Tarzan” was written while overlooking Morrison Lake.

Written by Michigan author and historian, Michael A. Hatt, and illustrated with numerous photos and artifacts of the period, Tarzan Slept Here tells of life-changing decisions made by Burroughs, in this often overlooked chapter of his life.

To order your copy of Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection (hardbound in dust jacket), send payment (check or money order) of $22.95 plus $4.50 shipping to:
Michael A. Hatt
898 Kelley RoadMontgomery,
MI 49255


Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration Review


In 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs debuted his most famous creation in his second-ever novel, Tarzan of the Apes, and changed not only his life, but popular culture, forever after. For decades, the Lord of the Jungle dominated the fictional landscape, in every medium imaginable. A hundred years later, times might have changed and audiences become more cynical, yet Tarzan’s legacy, his hold on the public’s imagination, though somewhat dimmed from its once-majestic peak, still echoes on. Adaptations still keep coming, including an animated Disney TV series, a stage production and a theatrical animated film, all in the past 12 years.

A century is a long time for a fictional character to still hold currency, and dedicated Burroughs scholar Scott Tracy Griffin’s Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration commemorates this impressive span in style.

Read the rest on the review on Cracked Leather Armchair Blog


Greystoke Castle, New Books available and All New Comic Strip Story Lines Coming Soon!

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GreyStokeCastle Legend has it that Tarzan’s parents hail from Greystoke Castle which is located In Northern England, just south of Hadrians Wall – the wall that separates England and Scotland.
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