A 5 out of 5 Review of Andy Briggs’ “Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior” in The Guardian

New Adventures of Tarzan Book by Andy Briggs
The second Tarzan book in the series sees Tarzan, Jane and Robbie on the trail of a team of brutal poachers, when Karnath is snatched from his home in the jungle. The chase takes them out of the Jungle as they frantically try to rescue Karnath before he is sold, or worse killed.

I loved this book. Tarzan is great because he is so stubborn and mistrustful of people who disrupt his life in the jungle. The end bit of the book was fantastic because of the action. I would absolutely recommend this book because it is action-packed and exciting. A huge 5/5 stars.

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We are happy to announce the release of two new official ERB books – Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Robert T. Garcia, Mike Resnick (Editor) and Todd J. McCaffrey, as well as The New Adventures of Tarzan: The Savage Lands by Andy Briggs, joining his other two books. Click on the images to Buy them from Amazon!

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The Jungle Lord is Alive and Well The New Adventures of Tarzan

Andy Briggs Three Tarzan Books



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