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Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor #1 releases February 2020 from American Mythology Productions. Variant cover art featuring Jason Gridley and Victory Harben by Mike Wolfer.

Tarzana, California (October 1, 2019) – Today Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.—the company that manages and licenses the creative works of novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, including Tarzan of the Apes™ and John Carter of Mars®—is pleased to present the first look at Victory Harben, the latest character to join the pantheon of heroes and heroines of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe.

Victory Harben is set to appear in the first new ERB Universe novel, Carson of Venus: Edge of All Worlds by Matt Betts, due out in Spring 2020. The novel will be preceded by a three-part, prequel comic book miniseries from American Mythology Productions titled “Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor” by Mike Wolfer, based on a plot by Matt Betts. The back pages of “The Eye of Amtor” will feature a bonus comic written by ERB Universe creative director Christopher Paul Carey, “Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun,” starring Jason Gridley and introducing Victory Harben. “Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun” launches the ongoing “super-arc” storyline that will run throughout the new ERB Universe novels, as a mysterious force hurls Jason Gridley and Victory Harben across space-time and they must unravel an insidious and unthinkable plot that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of the universe. Issue #1 of “Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor,” which includes the “Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun” bonus feature, releases this December and can be preordered today by requesting it at your local comic shop.

Victory Harben’s epic story is being transmitted to the present-day offices of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., in Tarzana, California, via the Gridley Wave, that singular method of communication between our own Earth and strange, far-off worlds such as Pellucidar, Barsoom, and others. It was by this same method that Edgar Rice Burroughs himself once received the narratives of many of his tales of wonder and adventure. The corporation has also learned much about Ms. Harben from the previously lost journals of her mentor, inventor Jason Gridley, who appeared in several works by Mr. Burroughs, including Tarzan at the Earth’s Core and a number of novels in the Pellucidar, Barsoom, and Amtor series. The following character profile of Victory Harben has been gleaned from both of these sources.

Birth Name: Victory von Harben
Birthdate: February 17, 1932
Birthplace: Sari, Pellucidar
Parents: Gretchen von Harben (mother), Nadok of the Voraki tribe (father)
Education: High school diploma; bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
Mentors: Abner Perry, Jason Gridley, Tarzan of the Apes, Mudina Macrae, Professor Aloysius P. Ralston
Fighting Styles: Archery, jujitsu, knife fighting (instructed by Tarzan and David Innes)
Weapons of Choice: Bow and arrow, “uncertainty” gun
Personal Interests: Mathematics, quantum mechanics, root beer floats
Present Location: Current whereabouts unknown; last seen in Pellucidar near the ruins of the Mahar city of Mintra, May 1950

In her early twenties, anthropologist Gretchen von Harben* journeyed to the inner world of Pellucidar on a secret expedition to deliver to Abner Perry a load of Harbenite, that rare, lightweight, ultra-strong metal discovered by her brother Erich in the Wiramwazi Mountains of Africa.** After returning to the village of Sari following a wayward excursion to the island of the Voraki far across the sea, Gretchen found she had fallen in love with the land of Pellucidar as much as she had with Nadok of the Voraki, and she decided to take up residence in the inner world with her new husband.

On the eve of a great battle against the intelligent, winged reptiles known as the Mahars and their simian Sagoth armies, during a major incursion on David Innes’ Empire of Pellucidar, Gretchen gave birth to her firstborn child with Nadok. Gretchen and Nadok named their daughter Victory, in the hope of triumph against the empire’s enemies and because of a strange dream-vision Gretchen had during childbirth of a barbaric queen of the same name. The name Victory, it turned out, was well chosen, for indeed the people of Sari and the united tribes of the empire overcame the Mahars and their fierce ape-men during the next morning’s battle.

From an early age, Victory displayed all the signs of bearing a remarkable intelligence. At five years old, she took a liking to Abner Perry, often much to her parents’ and the aged inventor’s dismay, for Abner frequently conducted dangerous experiments in his laboratory and little Victory refused to leave his side. When on three different occasions, however, the child’s cleverness and quick thinking saved the inventor’s life, both Victory’s parents and Abner decided it might be best to let the precocious prodigy have her way. Even so, Gretchen and Nadok asked Jason Gridley—inventor of the Gridley Wave and mastermind behind the O-220 vacuum airship that had traveled through the north polar opening to Pellucidar—to look after his goddaughter on the occasions when he visited Pellucidar. Before long, Victory began looking up to Jason, regarding him as both a mentor and an avuncular figure.

At age eight, Victory assisted Abner Perry in deciphering tablets recovered from the vast subterranean archives of the Mahar cities of Phutra and Kazra. Thus blossomed her interest in mathematics and theoretical physics, as she sought to understand the advanced theorems of the Mahars, who Abner claimed could project their thoughts into the fourth dimension. At age eleven, a fateful encounter with a Mahar queen in the depths of the underground city of Mintra steeled Victory’s determination to learn all she could in the fields of math and physics.*** Reluctantly, her parents bent to their daughter’s unyielding will, sending her to the outer world to further her education under the guardianship of the O-220’s skipper, Heinrich Hines, and his wife Anna.

Having spent her first eleven years in a savage inner world unknown to the inhabitants of the Earth’s surface, Victory faced many challenges adjusting to life as a high school student in Southern California. As World War II still raged on, she dropped the “von” from her surname to avoid suspicious glances. Even so, she could not avoid lingering stares, for she looked different from the other school children, bearing large, violet eyes and deep umber-hued skin that she had inherited from her Pellucidarian father. That she was also much smarter than the other kids her age, and worse, smarter than the adults, presented her with even more difficulties. Fortunately, her math teacher, Miss Mudina Macrae, recognized Victory’s talents and stepped in to encourage and support her.

When at last the war ended and Victory was able to test out of the twelfth grade at age fourteen, Miss Macrae hatched a plan to send the young prodigy to study at the university level in England. With a few strings pulled by Lord Greystoke and a little fibbing about her age, Victory Harben passed her Responsions in the summer of 1946 and entered the ranks of freshmen at the University of Oxford in the fall term. At Oxford, Victory excelled under the tutelage of Professor Aloysius P. Ralston of the Department of Theoretical Physics, where she served as his assistant and began advanced study in the field of quantum mechanics, driven to understand the mysteries of the universe after her encounter at the Mahar city of Mintra. Summers she spent at the Greystokes’ Chamston-Hedding estate, where she developed a close friendship with Jane Clayton and Tarzan tutored her in the arts of self-defense. After an intensive but rewarding three and a half years at university on an accelerated track, Victory passed her exams and graduated with honors.

The year is now 1950. Eighteen-year-old Victory has decided to return to Pellucidar, eager to visit her family and investigate why the Gridley Wave transmissions to the outer world have mysteriously ceased.

Victory Harben’s epic story continues in “Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun,” a special bonus comic in the back pages of the “Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor” comic book miniseries, launching February 2020 from American Mythology Productions. Visit your local comic shop today to order  “Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor” now! Issue #1, issue #2, and issue #3 are now available directly from the publisher. Digital editions now available at Comixology and Amazon.

Victory will also be featured in Victory Harben: Fires of Halos, a full-length novel by Christopher Paul Carey, forthcoming in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe’s Swords of Eternity super-arc.

* See Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs for an early adventure of Gretchen von Harben at age twelve.

** See Tarzan and the Lost Empire by Edgar Rice Burroughs for the story of how Tarzan met Erich von Harben, and see Tarzan at the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs for more on the discovery of Harbenite.

*** See the ERB Universe novel Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar by Win Scott Eckert.

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American Mythology Announces “CARSON OF VENUS®: THE EYE OF AMTOR,” Prequel Miniseries to New ERB Universe Novels

Cover art for Carson of Venus: Eye of Amtor #1–3 by Vincenzo Carratu

Tarzana, CA (September 24, 2019) ­– During an exciting 2019 San Diego Comic Con panel presentation, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., announced plans for a groundbreaking, canonical, multi-novel “super-arc” that will expand upon and continue the legacy of the iconic sci-fi writer’s greatest works. Just as exciting is the news that American Mythology Productions is partnering with ERB, Inc., to create new comics that will be directly tied to the new novels.

The first novel in the newly unveiled Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series will be author Matt Betts’ Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds. Preceding the novel’s release, American Mythology will publish a three-issue, comic book prequel to the novel, titled “Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor.” Hitting store shelves in December–April of 2020, “The Eye of Amtor” will not be the traditional, comics adaptation of Edge that readers might be expecting. Rather, “The Eye of Amtor” is an all-new, self-contained adventure that takes place just prior to the events of Edge of All Worlds. “Eye” will be written by Mike Wolfer, from a story by Matt Betts.

“When I heard the plan for new, ERB Universe novels,” says American Mythology Editor in Chief Mike Wolfer, “I knew that as the comics licensor of Burroughs’ The Land That Time Forgot, Pellucidar, Carson of Venus, The Moon Maid, and most recently The Monster Men, AM was in a unique position to offer Burroughs’ fans not just new adventures, but new ways of delivering those stories. Since we have the comics license for Carson of Venus, I discussed the idea of a creative partnership with ERB, Inc. Director of Publishing Christopher Paul Carey, who is overseeing the ERB Universe novel series. We decided on doing a new Carson miniseries that would coincide with the release of the new novel. But I didn’t want to do an adaptation; I wanted the series to be unique, new material, and stand on its own. What we’re going to do is show the adventure that takes place just prior to the beginning of The Edge of All Worlds, the adventure that leads into the events of the novel, but it’s a story that stands on its own. You don’t have to read “Eye” in order to understand Edge. But if you read them both, you’ll find that it’s one seamless story. I don’t know if that’s been done before, but it will reinforce in the minds of ERB and comics fans that this AM comic is absolutely canon, as we blur the lines between the two mediums and bring them together into a multifaceted, entertainment experience.”

Beyond the new Carson story, there’s even more excitement in store for readers in the pages of “The Eye of Amtor.” A special, back-up story written by Christopher Paul Carey will tell a three-part tale starring Jason Gridley, who figures prominently throughout ERB, Inc.’s multi-novel “super-arc.” Beginning in Pellucidar, the savage world at the Earth’s core, the action-packed, bonus Gridley tale will also introduce Victory Harben, an all-new character who will have her very own novel in the ERB “super-arc.” Victory Harben: Fires of Halos will be written by Carey and the fourth novel in the “super-arc.” Stay tuned to ERB, Inc.’s What’s New page for the historic unveiling of the “Eye of Amtor” variant cover featuring the world’s first look at Victory Harben, coming on October 1. Without a doubt, now is an incredibly exciting time to be a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, a fan of comics, and a fan of science-fiction adventure!

© Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks including Edgar Rice Burroughs®, Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe™, ERB Universe™, Carson of Venus®, Amtor™, Pellucidar®, The Land That Time Forgot™, The Monster Men™, The Moon Maid™, Jason Gridley™, and Victory Harben™ owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. The Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe logo, the ERB Universe logo, and the Carson of Venus logo are trademarks of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Carson of Venus®/John Carter of Mars® Crossover Event

The Edgar Rice Burroughs® Universe comic book series from American Mythology Productions continues in Carson of Venus/Warlord of Mars: The Princess in the Tower! Don’t miss out on this special crossover event featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ two iconic Sword and Planet heroes!

Writer: David Avallone
Artist: Cyrus Mesarcia
Cover Artists: Michael William Kaluta and Cyrus Mesarcia

Join us for an epic crossover as two of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic sci-fi properties collide in this once-in-a-lifetime event! Carson Napier and John Carter find themselves embroiled in an alien scheme that pits them against a veritable army of deadly warriors, killer robots, and vile villains. With only their wits and skills to guide them, the unlikely partners face death on an unknown world far from their adapted home worlds. Fantasy and science fiction combine with incredible action and adventure to deliver the ERB event of the year!

Available in three spectacular covers. Preorder now from your local comic shop using these Diamond Previews codes:
Main Cover by legendary comic artist, Michael Kaluta (Diamond Previews code MAR191397) 
Warriors Cover by interior artist Cyrus Mesarcia (Diamond Previews code MAR191398)
Limited Edition 1/350 Character Design Cover by Cyrus Mesarcia (Diamond Previews code MAR191399)

Keep up with all the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe comic books American Mythology Productions, including the all-new miniseries Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond!





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Carson of Venus to Re-Launch with New artists, same colorist, story and writer

New artists, same colorist, story and writer [Martin Powell] 

Our Carson of Venus web comic strip was just the second strip introduced in our newly expanded program back in 2013. Written by Martin Powell and drawn by the masterful artist, Tom Floyd, with Diana Leto doing the colors, it became one of the most popular of our many strips. Health issues required Tom to step down two years ago, but we want to recognize his early contributions to our fledgling web comic program. Thank you, Tom!

And now, we are pleased to introduce our new team on this relaunch. Still written by Martin Powell and colored by Diana Leto, we’d like you to meet Paul Abrams, our new artist, and Kurt Hathaway, our new letterer. See their bios below.

See the first 4 strips of our entire lineup of 24 Edgar Rice Burroughs Comic Adventures, FREE.




CARSON OF VENUS TEAM continues with writer Martin Powell, colorer Diana Leto and our new artists 

ARTIST Paul Abrams

Paul Abrams has created works for comic books, games, fine art galleries, and private commissions. Paul’s work has appeared in Marvel and DC Comics, Shadowrun, TSR, Heavy Metal, Lightning Entertainment and numerous other publications.

LETTERER Kurt Hathaway

Kurt Hathaway has over 900 credits as a comics letterer. In addition to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc, clients have included Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Avatar Press and many others. Kurt’s work has appeared in dozens of graphic novels and comics including Legends of the Dark Knight, Youngblood, The Flash, Alan Moore’s Providence, Green Lantern, Badrock and hundreds of others. Kurt prides himself on never missing a deadline in his 25+ year career.


Edgar Rice Burroughs Classics nominated in Retro-Hugo Prize to Honor Science Fiction of 1938

Have you ever found yourself engrossed in a science fiction classic – say, John Wyndham’s “Sleepers of Mars,” C.S. Lewis’s “Out of the Silent Planet” or Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Carson of Venus” – and thought what a pity it is that they were published before 1953, when the Hugo Awards, one of science fiction’s most prestigious prizes (along with the Nebula Awards) were first given?
You are apparently not alone. The World Science Fiction Society, which awards the Hugos annually and also runs Worldcon – formally, the World Science Fiction Convention, at which the prizes are given – decided in the mid-1990s that the creators of great sci-fi in the pre-Hugo years should have a shot at the prize. Their solution was the Retro-Hugo, a prize the society has awarded only three times – in 1996, 2001 and 2004, in each case honoring works published 50 years earlier.

Full article at New York Times


Carson of Venus Comic Book nominated in 1939 Retro-Hugo Awards

Carson of Venus Cover

Edgar Rice Burroughs “Carson of Venus” is one of five books nominated last month for best novel in the 1939 Retro Hugo Awards. The winner will be announced at Loncon 3 in London, U.K., on August 14.

I think this is a real credit to ERB’s staying power, especially considering that “Carson”–unlike “Princess” and other ERB works–isn’t generally considered particularly influential in the genre.

See the full nomination at The Hugo Awards!


All New Carson of Venus Comic Strip by Edgar Rice Burroughs

We are expanding our existing Tarzan (R) online comic strip with Carson of Venus (TM), an all-new, full-color online weekly comic strip of interplanetary romantic adventure brought to you by writer Martin Powell, illustrator Tom Floyd and artist Diana Leto.

Be thoroughly entertained with Love Forbidden, Adventure Unending and Terror Eternal!

Carson of Venus Title

Join the excitement. Start reading now at www.edgarriceburroughs.com/comics ! For just $1.99 per month you will have access not only to the upcoming Carson of Venus strips, but all current Tarzan strips by Tom Grindberg and Roy Thomas, numerous Bonus Materials and sketches, as well as other fantastic strips such as The Eternal Savage, coming soon!

Don’t wait, Subscribe Today and watch for more announcements on June 16th!

Best Regards,
The Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Team


Substantially expanding the Sunday Comic Strip Subscription website

Greatest Wrong Turn in History Sketch by Carson

To our Loyal, Steadfast, Patient Subscribers – We’ve got Great News for you! Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. is substantially expanding its Sunday Comic Strip Subscription website. Over the next several months, at no increased cost to you, we will be adding four or five new exciting comic strip series for your enjoyment. Beginning June 1, we will be adding a CARSON OF VENUS comic strip written and drawn by extremely gifted and experienced professionals to complement our existing TARZAN strip.

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