Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day Sale!

Father’s Day is almost here and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., is holding an amazing sale, packed with special gift ideas for your dad! Check out all the merchandise right now at edgarriceburroughs.com. Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, Pellucidar…we have it all! AND for a limited time, use the coupon code FATHERSDAY20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire order, including already discounted scratch-and-dent books (discount does not apply to books on preorder)!

Every time we receive a large shipment of books from our printer, there are a few copies that have minor dings, dents, and scratches, or are otherwise physically imperfect and just don’t meet our high standards of quality. But you know what? These less-than-perfect books make great reading copies, so we’ve decided to put them on sale at a whopping 30% off! Simply select the “Less-than-Perfect” option from the drop-down menu on the book’s product page and add the selection to your shopping cart to take advantage of this amazing offer. Check out our inventory of discounted less-than-perfect books here! Use promo code FATHERSDAY20 for an extra 20% off your entire order through June 17th!

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