Preorder now: COSMIC EPICS and SAVAGE EPICS: The Seminal Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs®

May 23, 2023 (Tarzana, California) In this centennial year of our company, we are thrilled to announce preorders for two giant companion omnibuses collecting the seminal works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Titled Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics, these mammoth volumes gather together the first novels in each of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ major series—Barsoom® (Mars), Va-nah™ (the Moon), Amtor™ (Venus), Tarzan®, Pellucidar® (the hollow Earth), and Caspak™ (The Land That Time Forgot). Longtime fans of Burroughs’ tales of wonder and imagination will delight at the opportunity to survey the length and breadth of the Master of Adventure’s timeless creations in these entertainment-packed volumes. And for new readers, Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics serve as portals to enter the ERB Universe and begin a lifetime of adventure, making them the perfect gifts for veteran fans to give to their family members and friends to introduce them to the magic of Edgar Rice Burroughs!

Highlights of the collections include:

  • The first novels in each of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ major series (Mars, the Moon, Venus, Tarzan, Pellucidar, and Caspak)
  • Prefaces by Christopher Paul Carey (ERB Universe Director of Publishing and ERB Universe Creative Director)
  • Introductions by Garyn G. Roberts, Ph.D. (editor of the award-winning Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
  • Cover art by Frank Frazetta, Michael Whelan, Joe Jusko, Richard Hescox, and Mike Wolfer
  • Frontispiece illustrations for the individual novels by J. Allen St. John, Frank Schoonover, and Michael Herring
  • Commemorative ERB bookmark and collectible ERB Universe trading card with preorder
  • Available in paperback, hardcover, and Collector’s Editions
  • The Collector’s Editions each come with a bonus trading card and a bookplate signed by John Burroughs (ERB’s grandson), Kathleen Bonnaud (ERB’s great-granddaughter), and the entire ERB, Inc., staff to commemorate the centennial of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

“We have been wanting to produce these essential collections of the seminal works in ERB’s major series for a long time,” says Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.’s Director of Publishing Christopher Paul Carey. “Whenever our team attends the big pop-culture conventions like WonderCon and L.A. Comic Con, we are deluged by people coming up to our booth looking for the first book in any given series by ERB, whether it’s A Princess of Mars, At the Earth’s Core, Pirates of Venus, or any of the others. Because it’s going to take us a few years to produce all 80-plus volumes of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library, we wanted to fill that gap sooner rather than later. These exciting ‘starter’ collections do just that, allowing new readers and lifelong ERB fans alike to thrill to the exploits of ERB’s dauntless heroes and heroines—Tarzan and Jane Porter, John Carter and Dejah Thoris, Carson Napier and Duare, David Innes and Dian the Beautiful, Julian 5th and Nah-ee-lah, and Bowen J. Tyler, Jr., and Lys La Rue.

“The six novels included in Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics are ground-breaking works that forever changed the face of science fiction and fantasy, spawning entire subgenres and influencing the biggest figures imaginable in a wide array of fields, whether it’s Tarzan of the Apes captivating the wonder of a young Jane Goodall, A Princess of Mars sparking the imagination of future astrophysicist Carl Sagan, or the entire ERB cosmos inspiring generations of prominent authors like Ray Bradbury, who proclaimed that ‘Edgar Rice Burroughs was, and is, the most influential writer, bar none, of our century.’ With Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics, we are excited to present the genius of Edgar Rice Burroughs to a whole new generation of readers. And what better year to do that than exactly one century after Mr. Burroughs founded our company.”

Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics are available in paperback; hardcover; and a Collector’s Edition with a signed bookplate and bonus trading card. The books are expected to ship to customers Summer 2023. 

Cosmic Epics: The Seminal Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs collects the following novels:

Interior illustration by Frank Schoonover

A Princess of Mars (1912)

Suddenly projected to Mars, John Carter finds himself a captive of the savage green men of Thark. With him is Dejah Thoris, the incomparable Princess of Helium. And between them and rescue lies a thousand miles of deadly enemies and unknown dangers.

The Moon Maid (1923)

The Barsoom, the first Earth-Mars vessel, is sabotaged on its maiden flight and forced to enter a crater and make an emergency landing inside the hollow Moon. The crew discovers a world hidden from the most powerful telescopes on Earth—a world of winged women, of conical cities, and of semi-human monsters. But what the earthly visitors don’t know is that they are about to face a danger greater than at any time since they left their own planet.

Pirates of Venus (1932)

Carson Napier is bound for Mars when he is forced to crash-land on the planet Venus instead. Beneath the eternal clouds Carson discovers a seeming utopia, a world populated by a wise and beautiful people blessed with everlasting youth. But despite their wisdom, a horrible danger threatens the fair folk of Vepaja, and at the heart of it is the lovely princess Duare, whose beauty is as unattainable as the evening star. And Carson, having seen her, knows he has met his destiny.



Savage Epics: The Seminal Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs collects the following novels:

Interior illustration by J. Allen St. John

Tarzan of the Apes (1912)

Orphaned as a babe in the African jungle, the only child of the Lord and Lady Greystoke is rescued by a tribe of great apes. Now named “Tarzan,” the child grows to manhood in this savage world. Aided by his keen knife and innate intelligence, Tarzan ascends to become king of the apes, able to face any peril and conquer all foes. But when men come to Tarzan’s jungle, they bring danger that is motivated by greed and deceit. All of Tarzan’s cunning will be required if he is to defeat this threat, and win the love of Jane Porter, the beautiful young woman whose appearance in his jungle has left him forever changed.

At the Earth’s Core (1914)

When David Innes and his inventor friend Abner Perry pierce the inner crust of Earth in their new burrowing machine, they break into a strange inner world of eternal daylight—a world of the Stone Age, where prehistoric monsters still live, and cave men and women battle against cruel, inhuman masters—the dreaded reptilian overlords known as the Mahars.

The Land That Time Forgot (1918)

Bowen Tyler’s adventure begins with a terror-haunted voyage as a captive in an enemy submarine. It ends on the rocky shores of a lost world, an unmapped land forgotten by the rest of humanity, where primordial beasts and beast-men still live and fight as they did hundreds of thousands of years ago. What is the secret of this mysterious continent, where time has apparently stopped and where dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, and ape-men still struggle for their lives with tooth and claw?

Each omnibus includes an introduction by Garyn G. Roberts, Ph.D., the award-winning scholar and editor of the esteemed Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy, discussing importance and significance the respective novels, as well as a preface by ERB, Inc., Director of Publishing/ERB Universe Creative Director Christopher Paul Carey. Additionally, each volume features a triptych of classic cover art by acclaimed ERB illustrators such as Frank Frazetta, Michael Whelan, Joe Jusko, Richard Hescox, and Mike Wolfer, and each individual novel collected in the books bears a frontispiece illustration by Frank Schoonover, J. Allen St. John, or Michael Herring.

Bonus Edgar Rice Burroughs Bookmark with Preorder—While Supplies Last!

If you preorder Cosmic Epics or Savage Epics in any edition (paperback, hardcover, or Collector’s Edition) directly from our online store, your order will come with an elegant commemorative Edgar Rice Burroughs bookmark bearing the quote, “No fiction is worth reading except for entertainment. If it entertains and is clean, it is good literature, or of its kind. If it forms the habit of reading, in people who might not read otherwise, it is the best literature.”

Bonus Trading Cards—While Supplies Last!

All preorders of Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics placed directly from ERB, Inc.’s online store will come with an exclusive collectible ERB Universe trading card. Preorders of Cosmic Epics in any edition (paperback, hardcover, or Collector’s Edition) will come with a trading card featuring the book’s cover art by Michael Whelan, Mike Wolfer, and Richard Hescox, and preorders of Savage Epics in any edition (paperback, hardcover, or Collector’s Edition) will come with a trading card featuring the book’s cover art by Frank Frazetta and Joe Jusko. Collect all of the trading cards by preordering each ERB Universe book directly from!

Hardcover Collector’s Editions—Signed Bookplates and Additional Bonus Trading Cards!

To commemorate the publication of these historic omnibuses in the centennial year of our company, the Hardcover Collector’s Editions of Cosmic Epics and Savage Epics are each limited to 300 copies featuring a special oversized bookplate signed by John Burroughs (Edgar Rice Burroughs’ grandson) and Kathleen Bonnaud (ERB’s great-granddaughter) as well as the entire staff of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. The bookplate also includes a facsimile signature of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Collector’s Edition of Cosmic Epics will also come with an exclusive collectible Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe trading card spotlighting Edgar Rice Burroughs as he appears as a character in his own fantastical tales, featuring a portrait of ERB painted by his son, John Coleman Burroughs. Correspondingly, the Collector’s Edition of Savage Epics will come a collectible trading card featuring the real-life Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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About Edgar Rice Burroughs

The creator of the immortal characters Tarzan of the Apes™ and John Carter of Mars®, Edgar Rice Burroughs is one of the world’s most popular authors. Mr. Burroughs’ timeless tales of heroes and heroines transport readers from the jungles of Africa and the dead sea bottoms of Barsoom® to the miles-high forests of Amtor™ and the savage inner world of Pellucidar®, and even to alien civilizations Beyond the Farthest Star™. Mr. Burroughs’ books are estimated to have sold hundreds of millions of copies, and they have spawned 60 films and 250 television episodes.

About Garyn G. Roberts, Ph.D.

Garyn G. Roberts, Ph.D. is a multi-awarded college and university professor, and author. Among his longtime interests and pursuits is the history of the pulp magazine (1896–1960). Roberts was presented with the Munsey Award in 2013 for his work in this field. He has authored, edited, and appeared in many hundreds of books and periodicals worldwide.

As a young boy of about eight in the late 1960s, he read his first Edgar Rice Burroughs books and was hooked for life. ERB’s A Princess of Mars has long been one of his all-time favorite books, and it is included in his award-winning anthology, The Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The list of other Edgar Rice Burroughs tales he treasures and owns in first edition, original pulp magazine, and other states is too numerous to detail.

About Christopher Paul Carey

Christopher Paul Carey is the Director of Publishing and Creative Director of the ERB Universe at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. He is the author of   the ERB Universe novel Victory Harben: Fires of Halos, the Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Swords Against the Moon Men, and several comic books set in Mr. Burroughs’ worlds, including Pellucidar: Across Savage Seas, Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun, and  Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond. He holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction and has edited more than ninety novels, anthologies, and collections for a variety of publishers. He lives in Southern California.

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RED AXE OF PELLUCIDAR® by John Eric Holmes!

The Legendary Fan-Favorite Novels
in Brand-New Authorized Editions!

Mahars of Pellucidar & Red Axe of Pellucidar

Cover art by Richard Hescox

Tarzana, California (June 29, 2022) The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series continues with two novels of classic adventure by John Eric Holmes!

Mahars of Pellucidar tells the tale of Chris West, a new hero who is transported to the prehistoric world of Pellucidar, which was first introduced in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novel At the Earth’s Core. Mahars of Pellucidar was originally published in a mass market paperback edition by Ace Books in 1976, and this new release from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., marks the first time the novel has been made available in a hardcover edition!

Red Axe of Pellucidar, the exciting sequel to Mahars of Pellucidar, achieved cult status in the decades since it was written and has never appeared in print in a professionally published, authorized edition—until now!

Preorders of both books are now available directly from ERB, Inc. Softcover and hardcover editions, as well as limited Collector’s Editions with signed bookplates, will be available in a simultaneous release. The novels are expected to ship to customers Late Summer 2022.

Bonus Trading Cards—While Supplies Last!

All preorders of Mahars of Pellucidar and Red Axe of Pellucidar placed directly from ERB, Inc.’s online store will come with an exclusive collectible ERB Universe trading card. Preorders of any edition (paperback, hardcover, or Collector’s Edition) of Mahars of Pellucidar will come with a trading card spotlighting the malevolent Mahars, and preorders of any edition (paperback, hardcover, or Collector’s Edition) of Red Axe of Pellucidar will come with a trading card featuring Jason Gridley of Earth. If you preorder both books, you will get both trading cards. Collect all of the trading cards by preordering each ERB Universe novel directly from!


Hardcover Limited Collector’s Editions

The hardcover Collector’s Editions of Mahars of Pellucidar and Red Axe of Pellucidar each feature a special ERB Universe bookplate signed by Christopher West Holmes (John Eric Holmes’ son, who also wrote the books’ forewords and illustrated their frontispieces), along with facsimile signatures of John Eric Holmes and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Additionally, the Collector’s Editions of Mahars of Pellucidar and Red Axe of Pellucidar will include an additional ERB Universe trading card featuring Richard Hescox’s cover art for the respective book. Each Collector’s Edition is limited to only 300 copies.

Mahars of Pellucidar by John Eric HolmesMAHARS OF PELLUCIDAR – First Time in Hardcover!

Cover art by Richard Hescox
Frontispiece and foreword by Christopher West Holmes

When scientist Chris West saw the video-screen image of a beautiful woman about to suffer a gruesome death in an unknown land, he didn’t hesitate to race to her aid by means of an experimental matter transmitter. Plunged headlong into a world of savage men and prehistoric beasts at the Earth’s core, the young ex-Marine would soon be fighting for his own life as a captive of the Mahars, cruel reptilian rulers of the inner world of Pellucidar.

Includes the Bonus Classic Novelette
“Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot”
by Joe R. Lansdale

While returning from a trip to the Earth’s core, the O-220 dirigible is blown off course by a violent tempest that plunges it into the frigid ocean off the coast of primeval Caspak. Now Tarzan, along with Captain Zuppner and a Pellucidarian woman named Zamona, must battle for survival amid the mysteries and dangers of the Land That Time Forgot!


Preorder your copy of Mahars of Pellucidar by John Eric Holmes today!

Red Axe of PellucidarRED AXE OF PELLUCIDAR – First Authorized Edition!

Cover art by Richard Hescox
Frontispiece and foreword by Christopher West Holmes

Chris West’s deadly prowess with his weapon of choice had earned him the name Red Axe in the Stone Age world of Pellucidar at the Earth’s core. Sentenced to die along with the woman he loved by the merciless Mahars, West had fought his way free of the lethal laboratories and ghastly arenas of their underground city. Now he must carve a path for his small band of fugitives through a primordial landscape teeming with monstrous beasts and brutish men bent on their destruction.

Includes the Bonus Novella
“Jason Gridley of Earth: Across the Moons of Mars”
A Tale of the Swords of Eternity Super-Arc
by Geary Gravel

Hurled from world to world by the vagaries of subatomic entanglement, Jason Gridley is plucked from the surface of Barsoom for a whirlwind tour of its mysterious satellites. Menaced by carnivorous cat-men on one moon and marooned with the survivors of a thousand-year-old catastrophe on the other, Jason and an enigmatic fellow traveler from Earth must find some way to survive the perils that threaten to spell their doom.

Preorder your copy of Red Axe of Pellucidar by John Eric Holmes today!



John Eric Holmes

John Eric Holmes (1930–2010) was the first writer after Edgar Rice Burroughs to pen an authorized novel set in Pellucidar, the world at the Earth’s core. He was also the author of the Buck Rogers novel Mordred as well as several short stories. He is perhaps best known for having written the popular 1977 Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (also known among D&D players as the “Holmes Basic Set”), which introduced an entire generation to the world of fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. In 1993, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship (ECOF).

Geary Gravel

Geary Gravel is the author of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe novel John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten, the Philip K. Dick Award finalist The Alchemists, and the novels The Pathfinders, A Key for the Nonesuch, and Return of the Breakneck Boys. He has written several novelizations, including Hook, based on the Steven Spielberg film, and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, based on the animated movie. He lives in western Massachusetts, where he worked for decades as a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf.

Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale is the author of fifty novels and four hundred shorter works, including stories, essays, reviews, film and TV scripts, introductions and magazine articles, and a book of poetry. His work has been made into the films Bubba Hotep and Cold in July, as well as the acclaimed Sundance TV show Hap and Leonard.  He has received numerous recognitions for his work. Among them the Edgar, for his crime novel The Bottoms, the Spur, for his historical western Paradise Sky, as well as ten Bram Stokers for his horror works. He has also received the Grandmaster Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers Association. He has been recognized for his contributions to comics with the Inkpot Life Achievement Award, and has received the British Fantasy Award, and has had two New York Times Notable Books. He has been honored with the Italian Grinzane Cavour Prize, the Sugar Pulp Prize for Fiction, and the Raymond Chandler Lifetime Achievement Award. The Edge of Dark Water was listed by Booklist as an Editor’s Choice, and the American Library Association chose The Thicket, for Adult Books for Young Adults. Library Journal voted The Thicket, as one of the Best Historical Novels of the Year. He has also received an American Mystery Award, the Horror Critics Award, and the Shot in the Dark International Crime Writer’s Award, and was recognized for his contributions to the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs with the Golden Lion Award. He is a member of the Texas Institute of Literature and has been inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame and is Writer in Residence at Stephen F. Austin State University. He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas, with his wife, Karen.


Richard Hescox is one of the founding lights of the Imaginative Realism movement. He has contributed artwork to such projects as the films E.T. and The Dark Crystal, as well as computer games, record albums, and magazine illustrations. He has also provided cover art and interior illustrations for hundreds of books, including the limited edition of A Clash of Kings from the George R. R. Martin’s bestselling Game of Thrones series. Richard previously painted the iconic cover art for all five books of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Carson of Venus series, as well as Skies of Venus: A Novel of Amtor by Neal Romanek and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold by Fritz Leiber.

Enter the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe and join the adventure—preorder your copies of Mahars of Pellucidar and Red Axe of Pellucidar today!


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