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New Online Comic Strip: The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw™


The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw is a creation from the incredible mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs as only he could conceive it. Imagine two men flying in a small plane over Siberia deep in Russia, one a pilot and the other a cryogenicist. (Don’t look it up; we’ll tell you: cryogenics is the branch of physics dealing with the production and effects of very low temperatures.) Then engine trouble tragically causes the plane to put down in the middle of that vast expanse. And finally, the current from a furious thunderstorm erodes the banks of a small mountain to reveal a human form encased in the ice, lying there perfectly preserved since the Upper Paleolithic era—50,000 years ago!

Could you imagine that? Edgar Rice Burroughs did, and he had only one solution to the discovery: bring that man back to life! What would it take? Once he was thawed out, maybe a major blood transfusion from the pilot, followed by an adrenalin chloride solution into the belly. That would be enough to cause the specimen to open his mouth and yawn! But more would be needed: doses of both anterior pituitary fluid and posterior pituitary fluid. And then finish it off with an injection of sex hormones from sheep. With all of that, and weeks of rest and assurances, it would bring to life a living, breathing man of the Stone Age.

But there’s so much more to the story, and the best way to see how this man—named Jimber Jaw after a grizzly bear he resembled before shaving and getting an update to his wardrobe—coped with this improbability is to subscribe to our webcomics program at See how this reborn mammoth of a man went to Hollywood and became Jim Stone, mighty wrestler and boxer, and then fell in love with a movie star that resembled his sweetheart from the Stone Age, only to be pitched headlong into the treacherous perils of modern-day romance.

Written by Bobby Panzarella with assistance from writer and artist Trevor Markwart, The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw is a sensational tale that only Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Master of Adventure, could bring to life!

Subscribe to our Edgar Rice Burroughs Online Comic Strips and read the first episode of The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw today with many more to follow!



Robert Panzarella is a lifelong Edgar Rice Burroughs fan. He started reading Tarzan of the Apes in junior high and has been hooked ever since. He is an emergency room physician, having graduated from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in 1980, and has worked in emergency rooms from 1983 to the present. He has been writing novels, screenplays, and other works ever since his college days at the University of Texas at Austin, and has completed two novels, a couple of short stories, and ten screenplays. In 1999, he made the independent film Joey Goes to Jail, for which he wrote the screenplay, as well as acted in it, directed it, and produced it, and he has acted in several films and commercials shot in the Houston area. He has written screenplays for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., adapting The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw, The Girl from Hollywood, The Monster Men, The Lad and the Lion, The Mucker, The Return of the Mucker, and The Mad King. He has also written the screenplays for a proposed streaming series of The Mad King and is currently working on a proposed streaming series of The Lad and the Lion. He has been wanting to do a comic strip of The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw for a long time now.

Artist and Co-Writer

Trevor Markwart is a Canadian former high school art teacher and occasional screenwriter, whose produced films include They Wait (2008), which starred Jaime King and Michael Biehn, and was based on his original spec. He’s mostly focused on being a comics creator, and the first graphic novel he drew, Tales From the Black Circle, was nominated for a Rondo horror award. His four-issue crowdfunded series H. P. Lovercraft’s Beauty and the Beast, which he wrote and illustrated, was recently published as a mainstream graphic novel. His comic book heroes are Richard Corben and Graham “Ghastly” Ingels, and he occasionally signs his work “Morbid” in tribute to the latter.



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Now Available! Hardcover Edition of Beyond the Farthest Star™: Restored Edition

Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition
Now available in a hardcover format!

We have officially sold out of the hardcover Collector’s Edition of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition books! We hope you snagged your copy before it was too late, but if not, you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to own this timeless novel! We are now offering this classic science fiction adventure in a hardcover format. All editions of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition are expected to ship early Fall 2021.

Like the other editions, the hardcover of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition will feature the classic cover art to the novel by the legendary Frank Frazetta; a newly commissioned frontispiece by renowned artist Mark Schultz; classic interior illustrations by Roy G. Krenkel; an introduction by noted science fiction author Paul Di Filippo; a preface by ERB, Inc. Director of Publishing Christopher Paul Carey discussing the restorations to the text; maps of the planet Poloda and the Omos star system; a diagram of the Unisan alphabet and numbers; and an extensive section of rare and previously unpublished bonus materials mined from the archives of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., in Tarzana, California. Get your copy today!

Copyright © 2021 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Cover art by Frank Frazetta © 1964 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Beyond the Farthest Star™, Tangor™, Tarzan®, Tarzan of the Apes™, John Carter®, John Carter of Mars®, Dejah Thoris®, Barsoom®, Pellucidar®, Carson of Venus®, Amtor™, The Moon Maid™, The Moon Men™, Victory Harben™, Edgar Rice Burroughs®, Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe™, ERB Universe™ Owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Associated logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.


Preorder Now—John Carter of Mars®: Gods of the Forgotten
by Geary Gravel

Cover Art by Chris Peuler

Exclusive Trading Card Offer
Only with Preorder from ERB, Inc.

Tarzana, California (June 22, 2021) –The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series continues with John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten by Geary Gravel—the third novel in the Swords of Eternity super-arc, a cycle of all-new canonical novels expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs’ worlds of wonder and adventure! Preorders of the book are now available directly from ERB, Inc. Softcover and hardcover editions, as well as a limited Collector’s Edition with a signed bookplate, will be available in a simultaneous release. The novel is expected to ship to customers Late Summer 2021.

Bonus Trading Card—While Supplies Last!

All preorders of John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten placed directly from ERB, Inc.’s online store will come with an exclusive collectible ERB Universe Tara, Princess of Gathol trading card. Collect all of the trading cards by preordering each ERB Universe novel directly from!


Hardcover Limited Collector’s Edition

The hardcover Collector’s Edition features a special ERB Universe bookplate signed by authors Geary Gravel and Ann Tonsor Zeddies, and includes a second exclusive ERB Universe trading card featuring John Carter of Mars (in addition to the Tara, Princess of Helium trading card). The Collector’s Edition is limited to only 200 copies.


John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten

News of the passing of a dear friend spurs John Carter, Warlord of Mars, to investigate a series of perplexing mysteries in the forbidding icy northern reaches of Barsoom. The enigmas only deepen as he embarks upon a journey to the far-flung treasure city of Gathol with his spirited daughter Tara and an unexpected stowaway. Ensnared in an insidious conspiracy that reaches from his early years on the Red Planet back into the dim recesses of the ancient past, John Carter and his trusted longsword are now all that stand in the way of a dread menace that threatens the existence of all life on Barsoom.

Bonus Novelette: “Victory Harben: Stormwinds of Va-nah”
by Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Continuing her wayward journey upon the currents of spacetime, Victory Harben arrives in the strange hollow interior world of Va-nah from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic The Moon Maid. Thrust into an uneasy alliance with a renegade Va-gas warrior and her young son, Victory must turn all her wits and skills toward survival—for she and her companions have been marked for death by the brutal the Kalkar soldiers under the reign of the vile tyrant Orthis.

About the Authors

Geary Gravel is the author of the Philip K. Dick Award finalist The Alchemists, as well as the novels The Pathfinders, A Key for the Nonesuch, and Return of the Breakneck Boys. He has also written several novelizations, including Hook, based on the Steven Spielberg film, and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, based on the animated movie. He lives in western Massachusetts, where he worked for decades as a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf.

Ann Tonsor Zeddies first encountered the ERB Universe as a child, when an old professor who lived down the street allowed her to choose a volume from his shelves. She chose Tarzan of the Apes. Later, she read the adventures of John Carter aloud to her young son. She is the author of six science fiction novels, two of which were Philip K. Dick Award nominees. Her short fiction includes stories in The Ultimate Silver Surfer and Magic in the Mirrorstone. She lives in Michigan with her husband, near the shores of an inland sea.

About the Cover Artist

Chris Peuler is a genre illustrator based in Chicago, working primarily in fantasy and science fiction. A traditionally trained digital painter, Chris has created vivid imagery for various gaming and book publications. He has previously provided the cover art for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.’s editions of Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds by Matt Betts, Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar by Win Scott Eckert, Swords Against the Moon Men by Christopher Paul Carey, and A Soldier of Poloda: Further Adventures Beyond the Farthest Star by Lee Strong.

Enter the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe and join the adventure—order your copy of John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten today!


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Now Shipping The Girl from Hollywood™ Centennial Edition!

We are pleased to announce that we have received our stock from the printer for The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition, and we have begun shipping the books out to customers! It will take our team about one week to send out all the preorders. The books will be shipped out in the order that the preorders were received. We appreciate your patience as our small staff works hard to package each of your orders with care and get them out in a timely manner. When your order ships out, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.

Limited quantities remain of the hardcover Collector’s Edition, so place your order now if you haven’t already to be sure you’ll get a copy

In 1921, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a novel unlike any other in his entire catalog—a sordid tale of drug addiction, corruption, and murder set against the backdrop of Prohibition-era Hollywood. He believed it to be one of his finest works, written as it was from his own experience after he and his family moved to their Tarzana Ranch in Southern California and became exposed to both the allure and perils of nearby Tinseltown. Now, celebrate the hundredth anniversary of this timeless work in The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition, featuring a new foreword by Michael D. Sellers (author of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood), a specially commissioned frontispiece by renowned artist Douglas Klauba, classic cover art by P. J. Monahan, and rare and never-before-seen bonus materials from the archives of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., in Tarzana, California.

Many Edgar Rice Burroughs fans don’t realize that the widely available Ace Books paperback edition of The Girl from Hollywood published in the 1970s was significantly abridged, with lengthy passages excised throughout. The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition restores this missing text.

The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition will be available in a paperback and a hardcover Collector’s Edition. The book is now shipping!

Order your copy of The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition today!



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Announcing The Adventures of Tarzan® Audio Drama

Join Tarzan as he swings into the jungle of audio comedy in The Adventures of Tarzan® presented by Freshly Squeezed Pulp!

Here is their official announcement:

Freshly Squeezed Pulp (FSP) is proud to announce the rerelease of their 2018–2021 audio drama The Adventures of Tarzan®, which has now been licensed through Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.! Brought to you by FSP and ERB, Inc., The Adventures of Tarzan seeks to share the adventurous world of the original Tarzan novels for modern audiences in the style of old-time radio serials through the lens of comedy podcasting. Join us and this new take on these original classics by tuning into Episode 1, out now and available on major podcasting outlets. Click HERE to listen on your preferred platform, subscribe, follow, and learn more about The Adventures of Tarzan!

Check out the series trailer below or by clicking HERE

Following in the footsteps of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original Tarzan® novels, this Freshly Squeezed Pulp Program seeks to both retell and modernize the wacky exploits of world-renowned pulp hero Tarzan of the Apes® through a mix of comedy and classic drama. Born to castaways on the western coast of equatorial Africa, a young Earl of Greystoke is brought up by a family of intelligent apes. When a band of tag-along explorers are also marooned on the same beach, Tarzan comes to meet other humans for the first time, and learn more about the life in Europe his family tragically left behind. Here, Tarzan meets a young Jane Porter, and the two start a wacky family of friends and redemptive foes alike. As Tarzan’s absurd adventures continue, the group cannot help but ask why their lives are plagued with such strange coincidences. Perhaps it’s “The Last Game” as prophesied by La of Opar that places Tarzan at its very center of a growing chaotic crisis. What will Tarzan do in the face of his seemingly never ending list of treacherous enemies? Will his family and friends make it through their extravagant experiences alive themselves? And will Tarzan accept his destiny as a hero, or seek a simpler life void of Adventure? We implore you to listen to Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Adventures of Tarzan® to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Freshly Squeezed Pulp is a vintage comedy podcasting troupe from Duke University that produced pulp-inspired podcasts in the style of golden-age radio.

Freshly Squeezed Pulp: A New-Time Take on Old-Time Radio!


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