Tarzana International Film Festival

The Tarzana International Film Festival Celebrates
100 Year Anniversaries of
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and Warner Bros.!

[TARZANA, CA] – The Tarzana International Film Festival (TZIFF) (to be held Sept. 29–Oct.1, 2023) announces a new partnership with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. to honor their 100-year centennial. Opening night festivities will include the screening of the Tarzan documentary Tarzan: The Man Behind the Legend, followed by a Q&A with the director and cast. Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB) is one of the most prolific and successful authors in the world, best known for creating Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, The Land That Time Forgot, and At The Earth’s Core to name a few.

In 1919, Edgar Rice Burroughs moved from Chicago to a 550-acre ranch in the San Fernando Valley to be close to Hollywood following the smash-hit success of Tarzan of the Apes starring Elmo Lincoln, the first film in history to gross over $1 million at the box office. The town where he settled was renamed Tarzana after his most beloved character. There have been 53 Tarzan movies and 7 different television series, and the new ERB Studios is poised to bring more of his literary creations to the screen. TZIFF will be honoring ERB with the first ever Edgar Rice Burroughs Legacy Award at the festival’s Closing Night Gala & Awards Show. Every year thereafter, the award will be presented to an iconic industry writer known for their work in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and adventure.

“We are very pleased to be a sponsor of the second annual Tarzana International Film Festival.  To have Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Master of Adventure, be the first literary honoree, is very special for the Burroughs family and the corporation he founded exactly 100 years ago,” said Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., from the company’s Tarzana headquarters.

TZIFF will also be celebrating the Warner Bros. centennial with a screening of the feature film The Brothers Warner directed by Cass Warner Sperling, granddaughter of WB studio head Jack Warner. This award-winning documentary chronicles the creation and rise of the very first Hollywood studio, Warner Bros., in 1923.

Daytime activities on Saturday and Sunday consist of full-day screenings, with a “Night of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror” party held on Saturday night featuring a live band, picture car, velociraptor from Jurassic Park, and cosplayers. Sunday evening will conclude with the semiformal, red carpet Closing Night Gala and Awards Dinner at the exclusive Braemar Country Club in the hills overlooking the beautiful San Fernando Valley and Tarzana.

The Tarzana International Film Festival is excited to be returning to the Regal Cinemas at the Sherman Oaks Galleria for screenings and events. Festival Director and President Jeff Rector said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and to celebrate ERB Inc.’s and Warner Bros.’100th anniversaries!”

Festival Tickets and info are available on the Tarzana International Film Festival website and on Film Freeway.


The mission of the Tarzana International Film Festival is to promote and support inclusive and culturally diverse perspectives and content. TZIFF continues to cultivate independent film and create, develop, discover, and celebrate extraordinary filmmaking from around the world. The Tarzana International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Festival sponsorships and advertising are still available
Sponsorship/Media Contact:
Jeff Rector – President/Festival Director
TZIFF.com / 1.818.601.2082

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100 Years Ago Today

100 Years Ago Today

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Celebrates Its Centennial

On this day one hundred years ago, Edgar Rice Burroughs founded his own company and became the first author to incorporate himself. Today Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., is still owned by his heirs; operates out of Tarzana, California, on the property of Mr. Burroughs’ former ranch; and is actively engaged in promoting his legacy and licensing the rights to his works of wonder and imagination.

Edgar Rice Burroughs is the true American success story. From the day he was born, in Chicago, on September 1, 1875, until he submitted one-half a novel to The All-Story Magazine in 1911, he failed in nearly every enterprise he tried. He became a cowboy in Idaho, a U.S. Cavalryman, a shopkeeper, a railroad policeman, a gold miner, and even an “expert accountant,” although he knew nothing of the profession. Throughout this period, he somehow raised money for a number of his own businesses, all of which sank without a trace.

Life was dismal for Burroughs and his wife Emma. He became depressed, his wife discouraged. Perhaps to escape from the grim reality of his own life, or perhaps to amuse Emma, he would often sketch darkly humorous cartoons or write fantastic fairy tales of other worlds.

Much later, he was to confirm the fact that he wrote all his stories, particularly those of other worlds, as much for his own enjoyment as for that of his readers: “In all these years, I have not learned one single rule of writing fiction. I still write as I did thirty years ago; stories which I feel would entertain me and give me mental relaxation, knowing there are millions of people just like me who will like the same things I like. Anyway, I have great fun with my imaginings, and I can appreciate—in a small way—the swell time God had in creating the Universe.”

By 1911, Burroughs’ position had become so desperate that not even his cartoons and stories could block out the frustrating fact of his successive failures. He hardly knew where to turn next. Finally, he reached rock bottom. He was thirty-five years old, without a job, without money. There was a wife and two children to support, and a third child was expected soon. He could buy food and coal only by pawning his watch and Emma’s jewelry.

“Then,” he tells us, “somehow I got hold of a few dollars and took an agency for the sale of a lead-pencil sharpener. I would not try to sell the sharpeners myself, but I advertised for agents and sent them out. They did not sell any pencil sharpeners, but in leisure moments, while I was waiting for them to come back to tell me that they had not sold any, I started writing ‘Under the Moons of Mars,’ my first story

“I had no idea how to submit a story or what I could expect in payment. Had I known anything about it at all, I would never have thought of submitting half a novel, but that is what I did. Thomas Newell Metcalf, then editor of The All-Story Magazine, published by The Frank A. Munsey Co., wrote me that he liked the first half of the story and if the second was as good he thought he might use it. Had he not given me this encouragement, I would never have finished the story and my writing career would have been at an end, since I was not writing because of any urge to write nor for any particular love of writing. I was writing because I had a wife and two babies, a combination of which does not work well without money.

“I finished the second half of the story and got $400 for first magazine serial rights. The check was the first big event in my life. No amount of money could possibly give me the thrill that this first $400 check gave me.”

Today, the story is acclaimed by scholars as the turning point of twentieth-century science fiction, and new editions of it continue to be published each year throughout the world.

But Burroughs was still a long way from becoming an established writer. His next literary effort, a historical novel set in the England of the Plantagenet kings, was rejected. He nearly gave up, but his publisher would not hear of it. “Try again,” he urged. “Stick with the ‘damphool’ stuff.”

He did, and with his next novel, the future was decided forever. The novel was Tarzan of the Apes. An astonishing success on its appearance in The All-Story magazine in 1912, Tarzan of the Apes brought Edgar Rice Burroughs a mere $700, but after being rejected by practically every major book publisher in the country, it was finally published by A. C. McClurg and Co., and became a 1914 best-seller.

A torrent of novels followed; stories about Mars, Venus, Apaches, Westerns, social commentaries, detective stories, tales of the Moon and of the hollow Earth—and more and more Tarzan books. By the time his pen was stilled, nearly 100 stories bore Edgar Rice Burroughs’ name.

In 1918, Tarzan came to the screen with Tarzan of the Apes, starring Elmo Lincoln, one of the first films in history to gross over one million dollars. Since then, 53 Tarzan films and 250 television episodes have been produced, each a great financial success.

In 1919, with financial security assured, Burroughs moved to California, where he purchased the 550-acre estate of General Harrison Gray Otis, renaming it “Tarzana Ranch.”

By 1923, the city of Los Angeles had completely surrounded Tarzana Ranch, and Burroughs sold a portion of it for homesites. In 1930, a post office was established in the community, and the three hundred residents held a contest to find a name for the new community. The winning entry was “Tarzana.” Today, Tarzana has its own park, library, freeway, banking facilities, medical buildings, country clubs, and a bright future.

In 1923, Edgar Rice Burroughs became the first author to incorporate himself. By the mid-1930s, he was “big business.” Daily and Sunday comic strips appeared in over 250 newspapers all over the world; a Tarzan radio serial thrilled its listeners across the country, with Burroughs’ daughter, Joan, in the role of Jane, and her husband, James H. Pierce, as Tarzan.

Today, Tarzan television programs and films are shown on an array of different networks all over the world. A Tarzan movie plays somewhere in the world every day. With the contemporary emphasis on outer space, Burroughs’ science fiction writings are still treasured to this day.

Most importantly, he is at last receiving the critical acclaim he was denied in his lifetime. No longer is Tarzan of the Apes considered mere entertainment, and neither are Burroughs’ wild imaginings among the stars; they have become subjects for scholars and an inspiration to a new generation of writers of imaginative fiction.

He is remembered a modest man who never took himself or anything else too seriously. His friends have recalled his ready sense of humor, his great love of the outdoors, and his unbound pride in his country.

In December 7, 1941, Burroughs was a witness to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and in 1942 he became America’s oldest war correspondent, covering stories with the Pacific Fleet for United Press. He returned home from the South Pacific only after suffering a series of heart attacks. Ironically, he was unable to find a suitable home in Tarzana, and he spent his remaining years in a modest house in nearby Encino.

It was there, on March 19, 1950, that Edgar Rice Burroughs set down his pen for the last time.







On this momentous occasion of the corporation’s centennial, which is a testament to the lasting vision and enduring legacy of the Master of Adventure, we honor and salute Edgar Rice Burroughs, our company’s founder. We humbly follow in the footsteps of this literary giant, who has laid down the foundation of our path through his entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast determination. We continue be inspired by Mr. Burroughs as we chart the course of the corporation into the future, ever striving to maintain the high quality of entertainment for which he will be remembered for as long as there are people to read his wondrous stories.

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You’re Invited: ERB, Inc., Centennial Open House!

Tarzana Office Open House – Come celebrate 100 years of ERB, Inc.

On Friday, April 7, 2023, we will be holding an open house at our Tarzana offices from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as part of this year’s ongoing centennial celebration for the corporation. This special event is free to the public and will include a commemorative gift (while supplies last), as well as a tour of the historic ranch-style house and grounds where Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote many of his timeless stories. A special guest will be in attendance. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, became the first author to incorporate himself on March 26, 1923, founding Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., with its headquarters located on the property of his Tarzana ranch in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. Today, one hundred years later, the corporation that he established is still owned by his heirs and continues to promote his important legacy the world over, overseeing authorized adaptations of his literary works in film, television, radio, publishing, theatrical stage productions, licensing, and merchandising. There aren’t many companies that can say they have reached such an important milestone. 

Capacity is limited so if you wish to attend the open house, just drop a short email to Cathy Wilbanks, Vice President of Operations, at cwilbanks@erburroughs.com for details and directions. PLEASE RSVP BY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2023, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND. If the date of the open house doesn’t work for you, as always, we are happy to set up free individual tours as long as they are scheduled in advance, but we’d love to see you at this special event if you can make it!

The ERB, Inc., Centennial Continues…

We will be attending the following events in 2023 as we continue to commemorate the ERB, Inc., centennial:

3/19: Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show (Glendale, CA): The perfect place to be for book collectors!
3/24–3/26: WonderCon 2023 (Anaheim, CA): Booth #1119; Our Panel is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 1 pm in room 211. 
7/20–7/23: International Comic Con (San Diego, CA): We will back at San Diego Comic-Con for our annual panel! Details TBA.
8/3–8/6: PulpFest/ERBFest (Pittsburgh, PA): We will be celebrating both the ERB, Inc., and Moon Maid centennials with multiple ERB-related panels and a booth in the dealer’s room!

Best Regards,
The Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Team
James Sullos / President
Cathy Wilbanks / Vice President – Operations
Christopher Paul Carey / Director of Publishing
Charlotte Wilbanks / Operations Manager
PO Box 570277 | Tarzana CA 91357 | 818.344.0181

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Relaunch of Two Popular Webcomics—Plus the Completion of Korak the Killer!



Although it’s been a long while since its last installment was posted back in September 2019, The Outlaw of Torn™ online comic strip is now available again in brand-new episodes! With bright colors by renowned artist Benito Gallego (Tarzan®: The New Adventures) and a rip-roaring script by prolific writer Tom Simmons (I Am a Barbarian™ online comic strip), the strip is going to be well worth the wait! After Under the Moons of Mars was published in 1912, The Outlaw of Torn became Edgar Rice Burroughs’ next creation, even before he wrote Tarzan of the Apes. However, The Outlaw of Torn failed to see print until finally it was published as a five-part magazine serial in 1914 and as a novel in 1927. Today, The Outlaw of Torn is regarded by many fans as one of finest works ever penned by the Master of Adventure.

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Screenwriter/graphic novelist Tom Simmons is a six-decade Edgar Rice Burroughs fan. “I read my first Burroughs novel—Pirates of Venus—at the age of twelve back in the 1960s, and I’ve been an avid devotee ever since. I always thought it would be great fun to adapt a Burroughs story to screen or other format, so in 2013 I contacted Jim Sullos regarding the idea of writing a film script for an ERB novel—it was Tarzan at the Earth’s Core, as I recall.” Although Sullos politely informed Simmons that the license was taken at that time, they remained in touch, and a year later Tom joined the team working on ERB, Inc.’s online comic strip project. Last year Tom published a deluxe hardcover edition of one of those strips, I Am a Barbarian, and his future plans include publishing the Outlaw of Torn strip in hardcover.

Since 2010, Tom has written two feature-length screenplays, a screen miniseries, and a pilot for a miniseries. On his writing desk for 2023 is a screen pilot adapting Robert E. Howard’s 1934 novella “The People of the Black Circle.” Simmons was nominated in five screenwriting categories at the 2010 Action on Film Festival. He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado, with spouse Kim.


Benito Gallego comes to American comics via Spain, where he attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in his hometown of Madrid and made his first forays into comics, advertising art, and graphic design. His first professional comics assignments were with Roy on his Anthem and Captain Thunder & Blue Bolt stories at Heroic Publishing. In 2016, he again teamed up with Roy on ERB, Inc.’s Tarzan: The New Adventures online comic strip, which continues to this day. Benito’s other clients include DC, Marvel, Upper Deck, and others.

In June 2022, Dark Horse published the first volume of Tarzan: The New Adventures in a hardcover collection. Coinciding with this, an exhibition was held at an art gallery in Rome showcasing his original art for the strips. In 2023, Benito began working with writer Dan Jurgens on the Lord of the Jungle miniseries for Dynamite Entertainment.

Benito lives in Alicante, in the East coast of Spain. You may follow his art at https://www.facebook.com/benitogallego.art/


A change in artists brought about the temporary suspension of the Beyond the Farthest Star online comic strip in January 2021, but now it’s back like never before with fan-favorite artist Silvestre Szilagyi, who previously drew The Mad King web comic strip for us. The strip will continue to be written by noted author Michael Tierney, the mastermind behind the gorgeous Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology (and who is about to release his new Robert E. Howard Art Chronology). A whole new universe was being created by Edgar Rice Burroughs when he wrote Beyond the Farthest Star, but this burst of imagination was interrupted by World War II, when he devoted his energies toward helping win the war in the Pacific, in whatever he could contribute, leading him to becoming one of the most popular correspondents in the Pacific Theater during the war.



Michael Tierney has been writing since he learned to spell his first two words, Stop and Go, which he used to complete a crude comic strip about military tanks crossing hills and rivers. In high school, he was editor of the school paper and went to the State Finals in Journalism. Even before that he had already published his first science fiction tale of the Wild Stars, which was published in the fan pages of Eerie magazine. By the age of twenty-two, he was managing a printing division of International Graphics and had already released a self-published magazine of his art and stories: The Multiversal Scribe. Elected to multiple terms as a city councilman, he has been a book retailer since 1982, was a finalist for multiple retailer awards, and has been an Overstreet Price Guide advisor since 1999—writing over a thousand industry articles and reviews. His Wild Stars comics from the 1980s through the early 2000s have been collected into Wild Stars: The Book of Circles—Recalibrated. He also wrote a Wild Stars role playing game for Troll Lord Games, and continues to release a new Wild Stars novel every year through Cirsova: Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense. Cirsova subsequently releases them in hardcover and magazine formats, and has collected his first four books into a massive omnibus that includes a compendium of characters, places, and events. Cirsova also published other short stories and essays by Michael, including his posthumous collaboration with Edgar Rice Burroughs, “Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She.” He writes, letters, and colored the first two years of the online comic strip Beyond the Farthest Star for ERB, Inc., and created the four-volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology. His four-volume Robert E. Howard Art Chronology is coming soon. He is a certified Master Scuba Diver, and this hobby includes underwater photography, with sharks being his favorite subject.


Silvestre Szilagyi was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 1968 to 1970, he studied comic art, known then as “Histoieta,” under Alberto Breccia at the the interdisciplinary art school I.D.A. (Instituto de directores de Arte). In 1970, he opened the Estudio Geminis with Gaspar Gonzalez. Fellow artists Mulko, Gil, Leopardi, and many more worked there regularly, sharing opinions and critiques. From 1974 and on, he worked for Record, the second largest publisher in Argentina, on such books as Skorpio, Corto Maltés, Pif Paf, and Tit Bits. Around 2007, he began doing work for Moonstone Books, completing around 450 pages of The Phantom, as well as working on other characters. He has published over ten thousand pages, and still loves drawing. Silvestre was also an artist on The Mad King online comic strip for ERB, Inc.


To everyone’s delight, the Korak the Killer online comic strip returns for the satisfying completion of its first story segment. Ron Marz and Rick Leonardi have come back as writer and artist to finish it up, with Maggie Lopez jumping in on the coloring and Troy Peteri handling the lettering.



A lifelong Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, Ron Marz has been writing comics for more than two decades, starting his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Green Lantern for DC, Star Wars and Conan for Dark Horse, Witchblade for Top Cow, and as a staff writer for CrossGen Comics.

Among Marz’s most recent work is the rejuvenation of the Top Cow publishing line, including his defining Witchblade run. Other recent credits include Blackburn Burrow, the first comics project ever from Amazon Studios, and the crossover series Prophecy for Dynamite Comics. Marz is also working with NFL player Israel Idonije to develop and launch The Protectors for Idonije’s Athleta Comics.

Marz’s creator-owned series include the all-ages tale Dragon Prince at Top Cow; the historical adventure Samurai: Heaven and Earth, and the science-fiction story Pantheon City at Dark Horse; and the vampire tale Shinku at Image. Marz and acclaimed artist Stjepan Sejic also have teamed for Ravine, a series of fantasy graphic novels from Top Cow/Image.

In addition to his comics credits, Marz has worked in the video-game industry on a number of Activison titles, and writes a regular column for Comic Book Resources, the number one comics-related website.


Rick Leonardi began penciling in 1980 with an issue of Thor. His subsequent Marvel Comics credits include work on Cloak & Dagger with writer Bill Mantlo, X-Men and The New Mutants with Chris Claremont, and Spiderman 2099 with Peter David.

Among Leonardi’s work at DC are runs on Birds of Prey with Chuck Dixon, Nightwing, Batgirl, Vigilante with Marv Wolfman, and Superman with Kurt Busiek. He was penciler for the Green Lantern vs Aliens crossover between DC and Dark Horse Comics, written by Ron Marz. Other Dark Horse work includes work on Star Wars: he was teamed again with Chuck Dixon on General Grievous, and with Ron Marz on Darth Vader vs Darth Maul. He is responsible for the pencils, and at least some of the plot for Aliens vs Predators: Three World War.

Leonardi’s most recent project, nominated for both a Glyph award and an Eisner for Best New Series, is Watson & Holmes: A Study in Black, for New Paradigm Studios, which features scans straight from his pencil art.

One of the oldest, most beat-up books in his studio library, often consulted and swiped from to this day, is the 1972 edition of Tarzan by Burne Hogarth, which Leonardi is pretty sure he bought the year it was published. He’s personally delighted to team up once more with the inestimable Ron Marz, and to return to the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs which inspired some of his first scribbles so long ago.


Troy Peteri is a Harvey Award-nominated letterer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing entirely weary of deathly cold winters, affordable beer, and a cheap cost of living, he moved to sunny Los Angeles in the late ’90s and has worked professionally in comics ever since. He has lettered comics such as Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, and has been the regular letterer for all of Top Cow’s monthly titles since 2005. He co-wrote the mini-series Abattoir for Radical Entertainment and is currently writing 77 Hero Plaza (with co-creator/artist Dave Lanphear) for Thrillbent.com.


Residing in Asunción-Paraguay, Maggie Lopez is a student of graphic design as well as a rising artist in the comics and animation industry.

Enjoy the Adventure!

The first new episodes of each of these webcomics will be posted this Saturday, February 18th.
Check them out in our Online Comic Portal then!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Team!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep the legacy of the Master of Adventure, Edgar Rice Burroughs, alive and thriving! We appreciate every one of ERB’s fans and wish you all a cheerful holiday season! We look forward to 2023 with anticipation for another wonderful year!

Warehouse Closed for the Holidays

Our warehouse and office will be closed Tuesday, 12/20/2022, through Sunday, 1/1/2023, so that our team can enjoy the holidays with loved ones. Any orders from our online store that are placed during that window will ship the week of 1/2/2023.

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ERB Merchandise Sale!

ERB Merchandise Sale!

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New Online Comic Strip: The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw™


The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw is a creation from the incredible mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs as only he could conceive it. Imagine two men flying in a small plane over Siberia deep in Russia, one a pilot and the other a cryogenicist. (Don’t look it up; we’ll tell you: cryogenics is the branch of physics dealing with the production and effects of very low temperatures.) Then engine trouble tragically causes the plane to put down in the middle of that vast expanse. And finally, the current from a furious thunderstorm erodes the banks of a small mountain to reveal a human form encased in the ice, lying there perfectly preserved since the Upper Paleolithic era—50,000 years ago!

Could you imagine that? Edgar Rice Burroughs did, and he had only one solution to the discovery: bring that man back to life! What would it take? Once he was thawed out, maybe a major blood transfusion from the pilot, followed by an adrenalin chloride solution into the belly. That would be enough to cause the specimen to open his mouth and yawn! But more would be needed: doses of both anterior pituitary fluid and posterior pituitary fluid. And then finish it off with an injection of sex hormones from sheep. With all of that, and weeks of rest and assurances, it would bring to life a living, breathing man of the Stone Age.

But there’s so much more to the story, and the best way to see how this man—named Jimber Jaw after a grizzly bear he resembled before shaving and getting an update to his wardrobe—coped with this improbability is to subscribe to our webcomics program at www.erburroughs.com. See how this reborn mammoth of a man went to Hollywood and became Jim Stone, mighty wrestler and boxer, and then fell in love with a movie star that resembled his sweetheart from the Stone Age, only to be pitched headlong into the treacherous perils of modern-day romance.

Written by Bobby Panzarella with assistance from writer and artist Trevor Markwart, The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw is a sensational tale that only Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Master of Adventure, could bring to life!

Subscribe to our Edgar Rice Burroughs Online Comic Strips and read the first episode of The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw today with many more to follow!



Robert Panzarella is a lifelong Edgar Rice Burroughs fan. He started reading Tarzan of the Apes in junior high and has been hooked ever since. He is an emergency room physician, having graduated from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in 1980, and has worked in emergency rooms from 1983 to the present. He has been writing novels, screenplays, and other works ever since his college days at the University of Texas at Austin, and has completed two novels, a couple of short stories, and ten screenplays. In 1999, he made the independent film Joey Goes to Jail, for which he wrote the screenplay, as well as acted in it, directed it, and produced it, and he has acted in several films and commercials shot in the Houston area. He has written screenplays for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., adapting The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw, The Girl from Hollywood, The Monster Men, The Lad and the Lion, The Mucker, The Return of the Mucker, and The Mad King. He has also written the screenplays for a proposed streaming series of The Mad King and is currently working on a proposed streaming series of The Lad and the Lion. He has been wanting to do a comic strip of The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw for a long time now.

Artist and Co-Writer

Trevor Markwart is a Canadian former high school art teacher and occasional screenwriter, whose produced films include They Wait (2008), which starred Jaime King and Michael Biehn, and was based on his original spec. He’s mostly focused on being a comics creator, and the first graphic novel he drew, Tales From the Black Circle, was nominated for a Rondo horror award. His four-issue crowdfunded series H. P. Lovercraft’s Beauty and the Beast, which he wrote and illustrated, was recently published as a mainstream graphic novel. His comic book heroes are Richard Corben and Graham “Ghastly” Ingels, and he occasionally signs his work “Morbid” in tribute to the latter.



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Now Available! Hardcover Edition of Beyond the Farthest Star™: Restored Edition

Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition
Now available in a hardcover format!

We have officially sold out of the hardcover Collector’s Edition of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition books! We hope you snagged your copy before it was too late, but if not, you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to own this timeless novel! We are now offering this classic science fiction adventure in a hardcover format. All editions of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition are expected to ship early Fall 2021.

Like the other editions, the hardcover of Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition will feature the classic cover art to the novel by the legendary Frank Frazetta; a newly commissioned frontispiece by renowned artist Mark Schultz; classic interior illustrations by Roy G. Krenkel; an introduction by noted science fiction author Paul Di Filippo; a preface by ERB, Inc. Director of Publishing Christopher Paul Carey discussing the restorations to the text; maps of the planet Poloda and the Omos star system; a diagram of the Unisan alphabet and numbers; and an extensive section of rare and previously unpublished bonus materials mined from the archives of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., in Tarzana, California. Get your copy today!

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Preorder Now—John Carter of Mars®: Gods of the Forgotten
by Geary Gravel

Cover Art by Chris Peuler

Exclusive Trading Card Offer
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Tarzana, California (June 22, 2021) –The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series continues with John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten by Geary Gravel—the third novel in the Swords of Eternity super-arc, a cycle of all-new canonical novels expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs’ worlds of wonder and adventure! Preorders of the book are now available directly from ERB, Inc. Softcover and hardcover editions, as well as a limited Collector’s Edition with a signed bookplate, will be available in a simultaneous release. The novel is expected to ship to customers Late Summer 2021.

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All preorders of John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten placed directly from ERB, Inc.’s online store will come with an exclusive collectible ERB Universe Tara, Princess of Gathol trading card. Collect all of the trading cards by preordering each ERB Universe novel directly from ERBurroughs.com!


Hardcover Limited Collector’s Edition

The hardcover Collector’s Edition features a special ERB Universe bookplate signed by authors Geary Gravel and Ann Tonsor Zeddies, and includes a second exclusive ERB Universe trading card featuring John Carter of Mars (in addition to the Tara, Princess of Helium trading card). The Collector’s Edition is limited to only 200 copies.


John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten

News of the passing of a dear friend spurs John Carter, Warlord of Mars, to investigate a series of perplexing mysteries in the forbidding icy northern reaches of Barsoom. The enigmas only deepen as he embarks upon a journey to the far-flung treasure city of Gathol with his spirited daughter Tara and an unexpected stowaway. Ensnared in an insidious conspiracy that reaches from his early years on the Red Planet back into the dim recesses of the ancient past, John Carter and his trusted longsword are now all that stand in the way of a dread menace that threatens the existence of all life on Barsoom.

Bonus Novelette: “Victory Harben: Stormwinds of Va-nah”
by Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Continuing her wayward journey upon the currents of spacetime, Victory Harben arrives in the strange hollow interior world of Va-nah from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic The Moon Maid. Thrust into an uneasy alliance with a renegade Va-gas warrior and her young son, Victory must turn all her wits and skills toward survival—for she and her companions have been marked for death by the brutal the Kalkar soldiers under the reign of the vile tyrant Orthis.

About the Authors

Geary Gravel is the author of the Philip K. Dick Award finalist The Alchemists, as well as the novels The Pathfinders, A Key for the Nonesuch, and Return of the Breakneck Boys. He has also written several novelizations, including Hook, based on the Steven Spielberg film, and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, based on the animated movie. He lives in western Massachusetts, where he worked for decades as a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf.

Ann Tonsor Zeddies first encountered the ERB Universe as a child, when an old professor who lived down the street allowed her to choose a volume from his shelves. She chose Tarzan of the Apes. Later, she read the adventures of John Carter aloud to her young son. She is the author of six science fiction novels, two of which were Philip K. Dick Award nominees. Her short fiction includes stories in The Ultimate Silver Surfer and Magic in the Mirrorstone. She lives in Michigan with her husband, near the shores of an inland sea.

About the Cover Artist

Chris Peuler is a genre illustrator based in Chicago, working primarily in fantasy and science fiction. A traditionally trained digital painter, Chris has created vivid imagery for various gaming and book publications. He has previously provided the cover art for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.’s editions of Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds by Matt Betts, Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar by Win Scott Eckert, Swords Against the Moon Men by Christopher Paul Carey, and A Soldier of Poloda: Further Adventures Beyond the Farthest Star by Lee Strong.

Enter the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe and join the adventure—order your copy of John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten today!


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