Ending Soon! Victory Harben™: The Complete Graphic Novel Adventures Kickstarter Campaign

Only Two Days Left!
The Kickstarter Campaign Ends on
Thursday, April 18, at 6:59 PM EDT

It’s your last chance to back the Kickstarter campaign for Victory Harben: The Complete Graphic Novel Adventures! The campaign, which ends in only two days, includes Kickstarter-exclusive covers and rewards that will never be offered again. 

Tag along on Victory’s adventures in two rip-roaring, epic graphic novels—Victory Harben: Warriors of Zandar and Victory Harben: Ghosts of Omos—as she and her furry companion Hucklebuck fight for life and freedom against the brutal alien Keelars and their mysterious overlord on the strange planet of Zandar!

Don’t miss out on the exciting and highly collectible exclusive rewards, such as the vintage-style “pocketbook” paperback anthology Tales from the Void, which collects for the first time six fantastical tales of the Swords of Eternity Super-Arc, the epic cycle that launched the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series. Original to this anthology are a Quantum Prelude, a Quantum Postlude, and five new connecting Quantum Interludes in which Victory Harben gives context to the unfolding story of the Super-Arc that occurs between each story, plus an all-new novelette—“Victory Harben and the Lord of the Veiled Eye” by Christopher Paul Carey—in which the ERB Universe collides head-on with cosmic horror at the edge of the solar system! This special “pocketbook” edition—the style of which will be familiar to collectors from the Edgar Rice Burroughs paperback editions published in the late 1970s and early 1980s—will never be offered again.

For an overview of the Kickstarter campaign, check out this video with writer Mike Wolfer and ERB Universe Creative Director Christopher Paul Carey, which was recorded last week.

Now head on over to Kickstarter and back the campaign for Victory Harben: The Complete Graphic Novel Adventures before it’s too late!

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Cover art by Douglas Klauba

Dejah Thoris, fairest daughter of Helium—and indeed, of all Barsoom—comes to life in the pages of A Princess of Mars: Shadow of the Assassins, as she sets off on the first adventure of her young life, plunging headlong into a murky den of treachery and deadly peril. This brand-new tale by noted science fiction author Ann Tonsor Zeddies is the first novel ever to feature the incomparable Martian princess Dejah Thoris in the lead role.


Born to an ancient line of noble and courageous forebears, Dejah Thoris, young and headstrong princess of the mighty empire of Helium, longs for a life of excitement and purpose beyond the cloistered walls of her royal palace. When a foreign ambassador arrives with an invitation to visit his city-state in hopes of fostering diplomatic relations, the princess defies the protests of her father and jed, traveling to the shadowy metropolis of Zor as Helium’s emissary. But Dejah Thoris soon finds that her hosts are not like the gallant folk of Helium, and before she knows it, their nefarious machinations ensnare her in a tangled web of artifice, perfidy, and murder—and a treacherous plot that portends tragedy not only for her own family, but for the entire Heliumetic empire.

Bonus Novella: “John Carter of Mars®: Swords of the Mind” by Geary Gravel

John Carter is baffled when he encounters his son’s badly damaged flier racing through the Martian skies with no one on board. The mystery only deepens when he traces the lost ship to its last port of call and finds himself battling for his life in a city of illusions—where the peril is all too real!

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