Dejah ThorisThe incomparable Dejah Thoris—regal princess and treasure of the nation of Helium and all of Barsoom, as the Red Planet is known—is as intelligent and commanding as she is beautiful beyond measure. As leader of a scientific mission to chart the atmospheric density of Barsoom, she sought a way to rescue her dying world from climatological oblivion, only to have her flier shot down by the ferocious, four-armed green Martian warriors of the dead sea bottoms. Among her savage captors, she encountered an Earth man, John Carter, an unparalleled swordsman mysteriously transported to Barsoom, who would go on to take the mantle of Warlord of Mars and, after many death-defying challenges, win the hand of his beloved Princess of Mars.

Birth Name: Dejah Thoris
Also known as: Princess of Helium, Princess of Mars
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Helium, Barsoom
Species: Human (red Barsoomian)
Spouse: John Carter
Grandparents: Tardos Mors (paternal grandfather), Vara Martis (paternal grandmother)
Parents: Mors Kajak (father), Thoria (mother)
Siblings: Kajan Dan (brother)
Children: Carthoris (son), Tara (daughter)
Weapon of Choice: Dagger
Personal Interests: Atmospheric science, diplomacy

Canonical Appearances

Core Canon by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

A Princess of Mars

The Gods of Mars

The Warlord of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars

Swords of Mars

Synthetic Men of Mars

Llana of Gathol

Skeleton Men of Jupiter

Expanded Canon:

John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten (novel) by Geary Gravel

Victory Harben: Fires of Halos (novel) by Christopher Paul Carey – NEW!

A Princess of Mars: Shadow of the Assassins (novel – forthcoming 2023) by Ann Tonsor Zeddies

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