The Warlord of Mars

The Warlord of Mars



THE WARLORD OF MARS relates the adventures of John Carter as he battles to win the secret of the prison cell in the Temple of the Sun — the cell that holds his beloved wife, Dejah Thoris, the Martian maid Thuvia, and the vicious and vindictive daughter of the High Priest of Issus.

We meet again our old friend, the faithful Woola, mighty Tars Tarkas, John Carter’s son Carthoris, and many a new friend and enemy from the crimson plains of the valley Dor to the frozen wastes of the far North, inhabited by the apt, through the dread Carrion Caves to the land of the yellow men with their bestial jeddak Salensus Oll.


Forthcoming in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library.

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