Tara is the spirited daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris. After Gahan, Jed of Gathol, dared profess his love for her, Tara impulsively set off aboard her personal flier straight into a bank of gathering clouds—a rare sight on Barsoom. Swiftly the clouds transformed into a furious tempest, which swept Tara’s frail craft halfway across the globe. There she landed in the valley of Bantoom, where she and a panthan named Turan barely escaped with their lives from a grotesque race of humanoid heads known as kaldanes and their symbiotic rykor bodies, aided by a friendly kaldane named Ghek. In the city of Manator, they were forced to become living chess pieces in a bloodthirsty game of jetan, before Turan rescued Tara from the city’s evil Jeddak and revealed himself as Gahan. Now Tara is a princess of Gathol at the side of her true love, the Jed Gahan.

Birth Name: Tara
Also known as: Tara of Helium; Tara of Gathol; Tara Carter
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Helium, Barsoom
Species: Human (red Barsoomian–Earth human hybrid)
Parents: John Carter (father), Dejah Thoris (mother)
Grandparents: Mors Kajak (maternal grandfather), Thoria (maternal grandmother)
Siblings: Carthoris
Spouse: Gahan of Gathol
Children: Llana of Gathol
Weapons of Choice: Dagger, sword (instructed by John Carter)

Canonical Appearances

Core Canon by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

The Chessmen of Mars

Expanded Canon:

John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten (novel) by Geary Gravel

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