Beyond the Farthest Star Comic Strip Launch


Enjoy this comic strip based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs story

A sci-fi thriller, Beyond the Farthest Star tells of a World War II fighter pilot who is shot down in battle and propelled across the vast reaches of space to an unimaginably distant solar system, where he awakens on the strange world of Poloda. Tangor was the name the people of Poloda gave him. His American name he preferred not to reveal, for his family on Earth thought him dead, a hero shot down while battling Nazi warplanes over Europe.

But Tangor was not dead. Instead, like John Carter, he found himself on the surface of another world—not Mars, but a far-flung planet inhabited by strange beasts, alien peoples, and an advanced martial civilization beset by treacherous political intrigue and ceaseless warfare. On Poloda, Tangor faces the greatest challenge of his life, for there, as on Earth, war is so vast, so entrenched, that it has become a way of life. And unless Tangor can find a way to infiltrate his adopted people’s hateful enemy and steal the plans for their latest military innovation, Poloda will be only the first world of the Omos System to fall to its doom..

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote Beyond the Farthest Star in 1940 while he was living in Honolulu, shortly before he witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor. Following America’s entry into the war, Burroughs became the nation’s oldest war correspondent, reporting from the Pacific Theater.

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Michael Tierney has over 1,000 published works of fiction and non-fiction. His most notable non-fiction work was the highly-acclaimed Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology. The fiction work he is best known for is his long-running science fiction opera: Wild Stars – which consists of novels, portfolios, and comic books. One of those comics he not only wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered, but also printed in his garage. It was the first comic to be foil stamped and have a die-cut cover, and remains the only comic to ever have a die-cut back cover. With Beyond the Farthest Star he accomplishes a personal first. This is his debut as a colorist.

Michael also serves on the City Council where he lives and has been known to wear a mask while traveling abroad – as a master certified scuba diver who hunts sharks with a camera.

Michael’s mother, Mary Tierney, created the portrait (at left) of Michael as a child.

ARTIST John Lucas

John Lucas is made entirely of popcorn and Caro syrup. It defies biology and common sense and has baffled the great minds of our times. Sadly, the judgements of such big-brained muckity-mucks come at no small cost. So, John must toil away for the few odd coins a cartoonist’s life will afford, that he may remain free of the chains of the debtors prison.

John’s work has appeared in funny books published by D.C./Vertigo, Marvel, MAD Magazine, Darkhorse, AdHouse, Image, Top Cow, Insight, 1First and BOOM!. If you don’t believe it, look it up.

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New Comic Strip launch: The Girl From Farris’s

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Presents 

The Girl From Farris’s
an all new web comic in our comic subscription lineup

In a dark alley, a young woman wearing very little clothing runs for her life. A cop intervenes, saving her. But in a sinister twist, that cop takes her vulnerability and uses it as a weapon to coerce her into framing an evil man – the man she was initially running from – with murder. 

In the courtroom, a successful business man sitting on the jury sees this woman – Maggie – not as a witness to be judged but as a woman to be saved. His anonymous interventions, ironically, helps Maggie gain a better life while ensnaring him in the same trap she encountered – leading him down a path of personal and financial ruin and alcoholism. 

Can two innocent people, facing evil, greed, and deceit, find real justice, and the possibility of happiness, when the only weapon they possess is a belief in each other?

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The Girl From Farris’s TEAM

WRITER Charles Santino

The Girl From Farris’s is Charles Santino’s second web comic for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the first being The Girl from Hollywood.

Santino is the co-author and co-creator of the LINE Webtoons web comic, Danny and Harry Private Detectives, with collaborator/artist Walter Brogan. He has written and packaged comics and graphic novels for Marvel Comics, Penguin Books, Random House, Fantagraphics, and others.

Santino’s credits include Conan the Barbarian, Louis L’Amour’s The Law of the Desert Born,Savage Tales, Aesop’s Fables, and Marvel’s humor title, What The–?! He collaborated with novelist and screenplay author, Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice), on the psychological horror novel, Toplin, published by Dell/Abyss.


Celia Lowenthal is a comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for drawing patterns and puffy period sleeves. Folklore, mythology, and early literature are some of her biggest inspirations. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016, was the recipient of the 2015 Will Eisner Scholarship award from the Society of Illustrators, and lives in New York.


The Land that Time Forgot – Another New Comic Strip Launch

As a terror-ridden captive in an enemy submarine during World War I, Bowen Tyler’s exciting adventure really begins when he is deposited on the rocky shore of a monster-ridden lost world where time had stopped!

A journal is recovered from a thermos found on the coast of Greenland. The journal was written by Bowen J. Tyler, an American passenger on a ship sunk in the English Channel in 1916 by a German U-boat – the U-33. Bowen and a female survivor, Lys La Rue, had been rescued by a British tugboat which was also sunk. Its crew managed to capture the German submarine when it surfaced. Unfortunately, the remaining British ships continued to regard the U-boat as an enemy, and they are unable to bring it to port. Then, sabotage to their navigation equipment sends the U-33 astray in the South Atlantic.

Circumstances force the British and Germans to work together for survival. With its provisions poisoned by the saboteur, the U-33 is low on fuel when they spot a large island ringed by cliffs. Finding a fresh water subterranean passage, they follow it in the hope of replenishing their water supply. The U-boat surfaces in a tropical river teeming with primitive extinct creatures. Attacked, the U-33 re-submerges and travels further inland in search of safe harbor. Surfacing in a lake, they go ashore and are attacked by a horde of primitive beast-men. They are able to take a prisoner, Ahm – a Neanderthal, from whom they learn the native name for the island is Caspak.

Land That Time Forgot
See the new strip…

Bowen’s journal states, “I have experienced a cosmic cycle, with all its changes and evolutions for that which I have seen with my own eyes in this brief interval of time-things that no other mortal eye had seen before, glimpses of a world past, a world dead, a world so long dead that even in the lowest Cambrian stratum no trace of it remains.”

While on an exploration mission searching for food and water, Lys disappears. Bowen leaves the other survivors to find and rescue Lys, his new love interest. Reunited, they discover that the Germans have taken over the sub and departed, leaving them stranded in THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT.

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