The Venus Series

Covered by clouds and shrouded in mystery, the planet Venus was the last place Carson Napier (a somewhat more cautious hero than John Carter), expected to touch down when he launched his secret rocket ship to Mars. But a miscalculation sent him hurtling out of control through the cloaking mists of Earth’s sister world. When Carson Napier’s giant rocket crash landed on planet Venus, he knew that there would be no return to Earth for him. His problem was to survive some how until other Earth rockets could follow. Beneath the cloud cover of Venus Carson discovers a world of sky-high trees, warring kingdoms and princesses in need of rescue. But, more often than not, it seems that Carson is the one in need of rescuing! Venus was a place of unmapped oceans dotted with great islands; a world with mammoth forests whose trees pierced the clouds and whose cities squatted on their branches and winged men flew. A planet whose inhabitants included men, half-men, and monsters, all struggling with each other for dominance.

Captured by an ancient native civilization, Carson glimpsed a beautiful woman in a palace garden and committed a sin unpardonable by the laws of his adopted planet — He fell in love with a princess of Venus… Beneath the eternal clouds, Carson found a race of strange men inhabiting trees that made the giant red woods of California look like mere saplings. These men – and their woman – were all very handsome and healthy, for they had discovered the secret of perpetual youth and the method of avoiding all disease. But despite all their wisdom, imminent danger threatened to wipe out all the Vepajans and their lovely princess Duare.

The world of Amtor (as the Venusians call their planet), like Barsoom, is very advanced in some ways and very backwards in others. Scientists have harnessed atomic power for their sea-going ships, but are completely ignorant of the concept of flying machines until Carson builds one. Whichever means of travel you use, don’t stray too far from land. Amtorians think their world is a flat disc, and if you travel to the rim you might freeze to death in the frozen wastes at the edge, and if you venture toward the center of the disc you could die from the heat. With their belief that the equator is where the North Pole is and vice versa you can get lost on Amtor pretty fast.

A trip to Amtor is bound to be loaded with adventure and thrills. And if you run across Carson Napier, give him a hand out of his current predicament, after all he did land on the wrong planet….