When This Rescued Lioness and Lion Cub First Met, What Happened Went Beyond Anyone’s Dreams

Keeper Karel Geurts watches on as the two lions approach each other. One is a lioness named Masrya, and she was once a caged promotional tool for her cruel former owners. The other is a four-month-old lion cub called Nero, who used to belong to a circus. They are both in need of company, but nobody could have guessed what would happen when they met.

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Baby Lion Wakes up Mom Just For a Hug! (VIDEO)

Lions in Africa Need Protection According to US GovernmentUnless you live in sub-Saharan Africa where nearly all wild lions live, it’s likely that all you have seen of the majestic “King of the Jungle” has been through a screen. And of that footage, a great deal of it has likely been lions defending their territory, fighting other animals to the death, or patrolling their land. While these activities do make up a large part of a wild lion’s life, these animals are also incredibly close to their families. In the wild, African lions live in groups of around fifteen individuals. Babies are typically raised by the entire pride but the bond between mother and cub or father and cub is undoubtedly the strongest. 

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Tourists Watch Hungry Lions Take Down Prey On African Road

Tourists Watch Hungry Lions Take Down Prey On African Road

Scary story from Yahoo News:

The word “roadkill” took on a whole new meaning during a recent visit to Kruger National Park.

In the early hours of July 10, Carolyn Dunford was driving through the Orpen gate when she saw cars starting to slow down. That’s when she noticed two huge male lions walking along the road, marking their territory.

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Lion kills American tourist driving in S. African park

Lions in Africa Need Protection According to US Government
Johannesburg (AFP) – A lion leapt through a open car window and mauled to death an American tourist at a privately-run game park just outside Johannesburg on Monday, a park official said.

“There was a car driving to the lion camp and the lion did come through the window and bite the lady,” Scott Simpson, operations manager of The Lion Park venue told Talk Radio 702.

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