Wolf Larson Joins ERB, Inc. to Head ERB Entertainment and
Christopher Paul Carey Promoted to Vice President of Publishing

Tarzana, CA (January 9, 2024) Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (ERB, Inc.), the company that manages and licenses the creative works of novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, including Tarzan of the Apes® and John Carter of Mars®, is pleased to announce changes to its executive structure in the areas of entertainment and publishing, effective December 23, 2023.

Wolf Larson, Vice President of ERB Entertainment

Wolf Larson is a writer, a producer, and an actor. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics and Statistics from Queens University and received his MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After graduating, he stayed on at UNLV as a Lecturer in Finance and to work as the Assistant Director at the Center for Business and Economic Research. He moved to Los Angeles and started a calendar and video production company, and shortly thereafter a series of circumstances led to Mr. Larson finding himself in the role as Edgar Rice Burroughs’ legendary ape-man in the Tarzan television series from 1991–1994. The series ran for three seasons with seventy-five episodes.

After his role as Tarzan, he went on to star in TNT’s LA Heat as Detective Chase McDonald. He also had acting roles in Storm Chasers (1998) and in Shakedown (2002). He was a writer and producer for Crash and Byrnes (2000), where he also had a leading role, as well as Just Can’t Get Enough (2002). More recently, he was the CEO of a financial services company but has remained involved in the entertainment industry.

As of December 2023, he has accepted the position of Vice President of ERB Entertainment, the new entertainment division of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., in Tarzana, CA. It will be Mr. Larson’s role to bring these wide-ranging literary creations to market in motion pictures and television series.

Per James Sullos, President of ERB, Inc. “We couldn’t be more excited to have Wolf join us to head up our new entertainment division. We have developed a variety of scripts for movies and TV series, and he has already added to that library. We think 2024 will be a landmark year for our 100-year-old company.”

And Wolf Larson adds: “Ray Bradbury called Edgar Rice Burroughs ‘probably the most influential writer in the entire history of the world.’ Burroughs’ imagination is certainly on display in many of our best-known movies. Celebrated for Tarzan, what most people don’t know is that he wrote over eighty books in his lifetime in a variety of genres—and that doesn’t include his short stories. The ERB Universe is vast, and many parts are still unexplored. Our goal is to change that.”

Christopher Paul Carey, Vice President of Publishing

Christopher Paul Carey holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. He was integral to the success of Paizo Inc., publisher of the bestselling Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying games, where for a decade he was Senior Editor and worked on the RPG line of gaming books and products, as well as the Pathfinder Tales and Planet Stories fiction imprints. Mr. Carey has edited the works of both classic and contemporary science fiction and fantasy authors, including more than ninety novels, anthologies, and collections for a variety of presses. He is the critically acclaimed author of six novels and standalone novellas, a nonfiction collection, and numerous short stories and comic book scripts, including several authorized works set in the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

As of February 2024, Mr. Carey will celebrate his fifth anniversary with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., where has served as Director of Publishing. Now he has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Publishing. Mr. Carey has overseen the rebirth of the company’s publishing program and has implemented several key initiatives that have generated much attention and success for ERB, Inc.’s publications. These include the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library, a monumental series presenting the complete literary works of the Master of Adventure in uniform hardcover editions, supplemented by forewords and afterwords by renowned authorities and luminaries, and bonus materials mined from the company’s extensive archives in Tarzana, California. He also serves as Creative Director of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe, a groundbreaking series of novels, short fiction, comic books, and graphic novels by today’s talented authors and creatives, all faithfully expanding on the celebrated canon of Edgar Rice Burroughs and set within the same continuity.

“Christopher has taken our publishing program to a whole new level in the last five years,” says James Sullos, President of ERB, Inc. “He has given substance to our program as we accelerate our publishing capacity. This promotion is so very much deserved.”

Christopher Paul Carey adds, “It has been an honor beyond measure to work with the unparalleled literary legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He defined science fiction, fantasy, and adventure fiction in the twentieth century, influencing and inspiring generations of writers, artists, scientists, and other notable figures of yesterday and today, and putting his permanent stamp on our popular culture. I feel strongly that ERB’s own dedication to creating timeless heroes, imaginative world building, and quality storytelling is the key to success as we continue to expand the reach and scope of our publishing program into the future.”


From its headquarters in Tarzana, California, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., administers the intellectual property of American author Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950), one of the twentieth century’s most prolific and enduring writers. Mr. Burroughs’ stories have been adapted into 60 films and 250 television episodes, and are featured in comic books, video games, apparel, and other merchandise. Through worldwide ownership of copyrights and trademarks, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., oversees authorized adaptations of his literary works in film, television, radio, publishing, theatrical stage productions, licensing, and merchandising. The company is owned by Mr. Burroughs’ heirs and continues to operate from offices the author built in 1927 on the site of his former Tarzana ranch in the San Fernando Valley.

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