Tarzan & Princess of Mars stunning silkscreen posters

Posted on November 8, 2016


Posters are designed by Matt Taylor. Hand numbered from an edition of 45 for each poster. 18″ x 24,″ 5-colour screen print, produced by White Duck Screenprint on 270 gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite paper.


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One print per edition per household. Prints are sold unframed and rolled with Kraft paper in a sturdy postal tube. International orders are sent tracked and insured. UK orders are sent signed for at delivery.



Edgar Rice Burroughs – The Master of Adventure – TEE
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Tees featuring your favorite Edgar Rice Burroughs character from Korak to John Carter of Mars to The Lad and the Lion to Carson of Venus and many more are available in our online store. Images are from our Comic Strip Subscription stories which are created by well known writers and artists. 

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Curiosity Rover Finds Weird ‘Egg Rock’ Meteorite on Mars

Posted on November 4, 2016

mars-panorama-1NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity stumbled upon a dark grey, golf-ball-size object last week that looks nothing like the typical red-orange rocks that are normally seen on Mars.

To figure out exactly what this weird rock is and where it came from, Curiosity used its on-board rock-zapping laser to analyze the rock’s chemical composition. This test revealed that it is an iron-nickel meteorite that fell from the Martian sky. Curiosity’s science team dubbed the newfound meteorite “Egg Rock.”

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Live Tarzan show at the Shanghai Disney Resort

Posted on November 1, 2016


There is a moment in Shanghai Disney Resort’s live Tarzan show where the audience holds its collective breath. Tarzan and Jane dangle from a large hoop suspended high above the Storyhouse Stage, their bodies intertwined. Then Jane lets go and stretches out her arms as if to fly through the air, while Tarzan, still grasping the hoop, catches her between his knees. She dives gracefully again and this time ends up vertical, her arms hooked over Tarzan’s feet. The only thing between her and gravity is his toes.


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Stan Lee: “I wanted to be like Tarzan.”

Posted on November 1, 2016

stan_lee_by_gage_skidmore_3Great piece on the iconic artist. 

In his working-class upbringing in New York City, reading offered him both escape and something to reach for. Charles Dickens was a particular favorite, as were tales of adventure and derring-do.

“I wanted to be like the Scarlet Pimpernel,” he says. “I wanted to be like Tarzan.” He remembers the personal connection he felt when he read the Jerry Todd and Poppy Ott books, precursors to the Hardy Boys series, featuring young detectives and a message from the author on each closing page.

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Photo by By Gage Skidmore.


New Artist – Benito Gallego For The New Adventures of Tarzan comic strip

Posted on October 30, 2016

The comic strip, The New Adventures of Tarzan, written by Roy Thomas, now features an exciting new artist, Benito Gallego. The former artist for this comic strip, Tom Grinberg – who was instrumental in helping us launch our web comic program – has moved on to other projects.


Benito Gallego (born in Madrid, Spain) decided he loved comics at a tender age, even before he learned to read. He’s been drawing all his life – filling any blank space on every piece of paper that fell into his hands with his doodles. Benito collaborated by providing comics and pin-ups for fanzines and publications in Spain while attending the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid. And, he continued drawing comics while developing a parallel career in advertising and graphic design –which paid the bills for many years.

After contacting Roy Thomas, Benito got his first professional assignments working with Roy on both his series’, Anthem and Captain Thunder & Blue Bolt – published by Heroic Publishing. Since then, Benito has been working with other top talents in the comic medium such as Cary Bates and Sal Buscema at DC Comics, Brian Azzarello, and Paul Kupperberg. Benito has produced a variety of illustration work including Marvel character trading cards and Monsters! and Dinosaurs for Upper Deck and he also created illustrations for books like the Diego’s Dragon series, written by Kevin Gerard.

Benito recently finished artwork for a graphic novel on the life of reggae star, Bob Marley, written by Jim McCarthy, while also working on Apama the Undiscovered Animal – a comic series based on concepts and characters from the movie: Hero Tomorrow, created by Milo Miller and Ted Sikora.

Benito lives in Alicante, on the east coast of Spain, with his wife, Soraya, and daughter, Alona, who are his most ferocious and grateful art critics. You may follow Benito’s art at www.Facebook.com/BenitoGallego.Art/




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Bo Derek, one of 80’s Stars You Forgot You Loved

Posted on October 21, 2016

Bo Derek was a famous actress and one of the most famous sex symbols of 80’s. You might remember her from movies “Tarzan, the Ape Man”, “10”, “Bolero”, and “Ghosts Can’t Do It”. She is still looking gorgeous.

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Ghostbusters’ Remake Scares Up No. 1 Disc Debut

Posted on October 20, 2016

19 Oct, 2016
By: Thomas K. Arnold

ghostbusters-answer-the-callThree new high-profile theatrical hits catapulted into the top three spots on the national home video sales charts the week ended Oct. 16, led by Sony Pictures’ much-maligned Ghostbusters remake.

The comedy, which grossed $128.2 million in U.S. theaters against an estimated budget of $144 million, topped both the NPD VideoScan First Alert sales chart, which tracks combined Blu-ray Disc and DVD unit sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc chart.

Warner’s The Legend of Tarzan debuted at No. 2 on both charts, selling about 61% as many units as Ghostbusters Tarzan came to home video with a domestic theatrical gross of $126.6 million.

Fox’s Ice Age: Collision Course, the latest in the studio’s successful “Ice Age” franchise of animated, family friendly films about a group of mammals in the Paleolithic ice age, bowed at No. 3 on the overall disc sales chart and No. 4 on the Blu-ray Disc chart.Collision Course earned $64 million at the domestic box office, the lowest of the franchise’s five films.

Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which debuted at No. 1 the previous week, slipped to No. 4 on the overall disc sales chart and No. 3 on the Blu-ray Disc chart.

Rounding out the top five were Walt Disney’s Hocus Pocus on the overall disc sales chart and Beauty and the Beast on the Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

According to VideoScan, Ghostbusters generated 50% of its total unit sales from Blu-ray Disc, compared with 46% for Tarzan and 43% for Ice Age: Collision Course.


NOW AVAILABLE in eBook Digital Format: Tarzan on the Precipice

Posted on September 14, 2016

tarzan-on-the-precipice tarzan-on-the-precipice

tarzan-on-the-precipiceThe second book in the series – The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs® with cover and interior art drawn by the creative, multi-award winning artist Will Meugniot 

THE MISSING LINK – At the conclusion of the classicTARZAN OF THE APES by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan is despondent but assured he did what was honorable by enabling Jane to leave with his cousin, William Clayton (who believes he is the rightful heir to the Greystoke estate and can appropriately provide for Jane when they marry). But what then? There has never been an explanation of Tarzan’s activities after his presence in Wisconsin and before he begins his voyage back to Africa—until now!
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The Mars Rover Sent Back Some Pictures and They Look a Lot Like the American Southwest

Posted on September 12, 2016

mars-rover-nasaNASA’s Curiosity Rover recently returned some striking color images from Mars of the Murray Buttes, one of the lower regions of Mount Sharp.

The buttes and mesas are the eroded remains of ancient sandstone that have risen above the sandy, Martian surface. Studying the rock formations up close is giving scientists a better understanding of how Mars’ landscape was formed, says Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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