Preorder Now: Jane Porter® and the City of Fire Graphic Novel—Mass Market Edition

Cover art by Miriana Puglia & Periya Pillai

For generations, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ tales of Tarzan® and Jane Porter® have thrilled audiences the world over, but now ERB, Inc., is revealing that Jane Porter has been having her share of incredible solo adventures! One such tale is Jane Porter and the City of Fire, a 72-page full-color graphic novel, the first in our new line of Edgar Rice Burroughs Illustrated Epics™.

Picking up where Jane Porter: The Primordial Peril left off and set in the year 1952, Jane is tasked with delivering three revived prehistoric creatures to the savage land of Pellucidar®, the world at the Earth’s core. With the help of the crew of the fantastic vacuum airship Favonia, Jane’s routine mission will take a terrifying turn when the Favonia encounters an incredible phenomenon that leads it not to Pellucidar, but to an alien world far from Earth and into a nightmare scenario that could spell doom for an entire planet!

The sci-fi thrill ride that is Jane Porter and the City of Fire was written by Mike Wolfer (The Monster Men™, The Moon Maid™, The Land That Time Forgot®, and many others) and illustrated by Miriana Puglia (The Moon Maid: The Three Keys, Pellucidar: Across Savage Seas). Interior color is provided by Arthur Hesli (Pellucidar: Across Savage Seas, Beyond the Farthest Star™: Warriors of Zandar), with lettering by Natalie Jane (all of the above projects and more). The cover of this Mass Market Edition was illustrated by Miriana Puglia and colored by Periya Pillai.

This new chapter in the unfolding tale of Jane Porter is official Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe™ canon, and long-time Burroughs fans will delight in the plot threads and connections to other Burroughs works. When the Hollywood film industry was still in its infancy, “The Master of Adventure” was already exploring the shared universe concept, crossing over several of his most popular properties, and you’ll see that concept in play in this all-new tale of danger and intrigue. But you don’t have to be a Burroughs fanatic to love Jane Porter and the City of Fire; everything you’ll need to know is built into the story and this tale is designed for readers who are new to the ever-expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe!

The Jane Porter and the City of Fire Mass Market Edition graphic novel is expected to ship to customers in Spring 2023.

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See Where It All Began!

Don’t miss out on the Jane Porter: The Primordial Peril one-shot comic book, the thrilling prelude to the events portrayed in Jane Porter and the City of Firenow available in a Mass Market edition!

Archaeologist Jane Porter returns to her dig site in the Aleutian Islands to find it taken over by her nemesis, a rival scientist whose evil plans begin with resurrecting terrors of the past—and will only lead to a horror even more unthinkable.

Shipping Update: Tarzan Books #17–20

We are waiting for Tarzan books #17–20 in the ERB Authorized Library to arrive from the printer. Based on the printer’s revised estimates, we are now expecting the books to arrive in our warehouse in May, at which time we will prep the preorders and beginning shipping them out to customers. Thank you for your patience! It shouldn’t be long now, and you’ll be happy to hear that our plan is to both announce and ship the next set of Tarzan books by the end of the year!

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