Poachers destroyed this rhino’s face. Veterinarians are trying to fix it.

rhino-hidden-cameraThe white rhino was left to die last spring.

Poachers had entered the reserve in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, sedated the female with a dart tranquilizer, and hacked off her horns and part of the skull under them. When the reserve’s owners found the rhino days later, news reports said, the gruesome hole in her face was riddled with maggots. But she was alive.

Last week, the rhino — who has since been dubbed Hope — underwent facial reconstruction surgery intended to close up that wound. It was the sixth major surgery she has had since her horns were cut off, according to the Independent Online, and it’s unclear whether it will work.


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Big money in South African game breeding

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Yahoo News just reported a very interesting yet disheartening story about the truth of South African game breeding. As it turns out, many of the elite in the country can bring in millions of dollars by raising rare game such as buffalo, stable antelope, impala or wildbeest. The deputy president of South Africa, for instance, made over $2 million selling just three of his white-flanked impala at a bidding auction. Some say raising game is even more profitable than investing in stock or property.

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Baby elephant challenges a water buffalo

At the watering hole in South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park, a baby elephant learned a valuable lesson when he attempted to intimidate a much bigger buffalo. The elephant lifted its head with ears out to send a strong message, but the buffalo did not give in. Instead, he headbutted the smaller creature, sending him flying into the air. Surprisingly, the other elephants did not seem to be too frazzled by the event, but the little calf thankfully was not hurt.

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