Daybreak: Kellan Lutz on becoming Tarzan

Kellan Lutz preparing to be Tarzan
How many times can Aled Jones say ‘loincloth’ in an interview? I ended up losing count…
The presenter was talking about the iconic outfit worn by Tarzan, who is again being brought to life in a new 3D digital movie, with ‘Twilight’ star Kellan Lutz creating the motion capture and voicing the titular character.
Lutz proved that he was ready to joke with the ‘Daybreak’ presenters, despite an early start, as he mocked Ranvir Singh for getting the time wrong. Singh is used to presenting the earlier news segment of the show and, as a result, she got the time wrong quite a few times this morning when she covered the rest of the programme. The ‘Daybreak’ team are used to correcting puzzled viewers on Twitter when they don’t realise they’re watching the show on itv1+1, but I’m sure they didn’t expect Ranvir to get confused!
When Lutz finally stopped teasing her, he spoke about his happiness at getting the opportunity to portray two popular figures in films this year. He said, “For me, growing up, I loved watching Disney movies… It’s a little boy’s dream come true playing Tarzan and Hercules.”

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Margot Robbie’s new look for ‘Tarzan’

Margot Robble
Australian actress Margot Robbie is dying her hair for the new 3D version of ‘Tarzan’.
‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ actress recently went from blonde to brunette for another movie role and is in the process of changing it back to star alongside ‘True Blood’ hunk Alexander Skarsgard in the upcoming Warner Bros. film.
She told ITN News: ‘We start in a couple of months. I got the script, loved it, met with David Yates, the director, I loved his vision and all the pieces came together. I got picked for the role … I’m very lucky.
‘I just did a film where I had brown hair, it was manky brown, awful, but it was meant to look like that in the film. We made it a nicer, richer colour for the Oscars but now I have to go lighter again for ‘Tarzan’.’
She added: ‘I don’t think blondes have more fun though … people always ask me that but I love this colour.’

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