Korak is the son of Tarzan and Jane Porter. When a nefarious plot by Tarzan’s old enemy Alex Paulvitch went awry, young Jack Clayton fled to Africa with his father’s former Mangani friend Akut, who had been brought to London as the star of a trained ape act. There, he adopts the name Korak (meaning “The Killer” in the language of the Mangani), becomes a jungle hero in his own right, and rescues a young girl named Meriem, who was abducted as a child and raised among Arab raiders. After a series of trials and adventures after which the two are long separated, Korak and Meriem are eventually reunited and go on to be married. As an adult, Korak went on to serve in World War 1 on the Argonne Front and to journey to the lost valley of Pal-ul-don in search of his famous father.

Name: Korak
Birth Name:
John “Jack” Clayton
Also known as:
 Korak the Killer
Species: Human (Earth)
Spouse: Meriem (aka Jeanne Jacot)
Children: John “Jackie” Clayton, Suzanne Clayton
Parents: Tarzan (father), Jane Porter (mother)
Mentors: Akut
Animal Companion: Akut
Weapons of Choice: Knife, bow and arrow, spear, Enfield rifle, bare hands
Personal Interests: Wildlife conservation, exploration

Canonical Appearances

Core Canon by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

The Beasts of Tarzan

The Son of Tarzan

Tarzan the Terrible

Tarzan and the Golden Lion

Tarzan and the Ant Men

Expanded Canon:

Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar (novel) by Win Scott Eckert

Korak at the Earth’s Core: Book One of the Dead Moon Super-Arc (novel – forthcoming 2023) by Win Scott Eckert

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