Transforming into a Martian for the John Carter movie

Transforming into a Martian for the John Carter movie

Ekaterina Botziou posted about her interesting experience starring in the 2012 John Carter movie. She describes the process of transforming into a native Martian by undergoing deep St Tropez tan sprays every two weeks, as well having red swirly tattooed glued onto her. Here is an excerpt of her experience:

The problem with a fake spray tan is that it gets progressively darker as time passes. So some days, I would get to the studios in the morning, as pale as a ghost, and travel back home on the train getting more and more orange with every stop.

I looked like a cross between a member of Hell’s Angels and an orange smurf.

The cast spent almost 4 hours in hair and make-up every morning (bear in mind that our call time was usually 5:30am so the make-up artists had to work wonders), and we were told to ease up on the nightly wash in case the tan came off. Fat chance.

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