Tarzan’s Three Challenges

Tarzan's Three Challenges


Tarzan’s Three Challenges

  • Tarzan: Jock Mahoney
  • Director: Robert Day
  • Producer: Sy Weintraub
  • Release Date: June 1963
  • Run Time: 92 min
  • Information: The movie was filmed near Bangkok, Thailand and in the jungle near the Chiang Mai province. Some scenes were shot in the Temple of Buddha’s Footprint, the first film ever granted permission to shoot at this holy site. Crew members and cast removed their shoes and shot in almost total silence. Midway through the film, Mahoney contracted dysentery, dengue fever and finally pneumonia. His weight plummeted from 220 pounds to 175 pounds. Some critics, noting how thin and weary he appeared in some action scenes, said it undermined the film’s credibility. English Stuntman Ray Austin made the 120 ft dive for Mahoney at Begor Bridge. Forty-four years and four months old when the film was released, Jock Mahoney became the oldest actor to portray the apeman.


Tarzan is summoned to an unnamed Asian country to protect Kashi (Ricky Der), the youthful heir to the throne, from his evil uncle, Khan, played by Tarzan veteran Woody Strode. In the course of the film Tarzan must compete against Khan in three tests of strength.

First is an archery contest. Then Tarzan stands between two tall posts, grasps handles which are attached to two ropes which run over the top of each post and are attached to buffalo. When the buffalo are driven apart, Tarzan is lifted into the air and stretched. He passes the test by not letting go of either handle. Third, he and Khan are asked to answer a question designed to test their wisdom. When Tarzan triumphs all three times, he and Khan undergo a fourth challenge.

Tarzan kills Khan when they face each other with sabers on a net suspended above vats of boiling oil.