Tarzan’s Desert Mystery

Tarzan's Desert Mystery


Tarzan’s Desert Mystery

  • Tarzan: Johnny Weissmuller
  • Extra: Nancy Kelly as Connie Bryce
  • Boy: Johnny Sheffield
  • Director: Wilhelm Thiele
  • Producer: Sol Lesser
  • Release Date: December 26, 1943
  • Run Time: 70 min
  • Language: English


The film revolves around Tarzan’s quest, at the urging of Jane, to find a rare African serum to help Allied troops. Tarzan’s son, Boy, manages to tag along as the apeman journeys into the Sahara, and the two are soon joined by a rambunctious horse and a female American magician, played by Nancy Kelly. The story is mostly a fantasy adventure—with “Arabian Nights”-style characters and sinister Nazi spies—but it also includes considerable comic relief and even science fiction elements. Critics complained that it was aimed more toward juvenile audiences than previous Tarzan films had been.