Tarzan Themed Stained Glass

Edgar Rice Burroughs® Presents
Tarzan Themed Stained Glass
and other Burroughs’ themes by artist Leia Barrett-Durham [Powell]

Once again, Edgar Rice Burroughs is making history. Internationally-renowned, award-winning stained glass master Leia Barrett-Durham (Powell) is the first stained glass artist in history to be licensed to make representations of an author’s published works. As a master craftswoman, she could have had her pick of the litter, but her love for Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired her to work with ERB, Inc.


 In celebration of the release of The Legend of Tarzan, Leia has created a unique stained glass window for ERB, Inc. to be auctioned off in Tarzana at the ECOF 2016. This window represents Tarzan, Jane, Tantor, Mangani, and Numa next to an African jungle stream. Tarzan is in the process of his iconic yell, with Jane steadfast by his side, while Numa looks directly at us, drinking from the stream but still ever vigilant for predators. Tantor playfully laps at the stream, and our ape looks at us with a critical eye, determining if we are also Mangani.

The Legend of Tarzan window [rough sketch above] will be the third licensed masterpiece window Leia has created with themes inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Worlds of Adventure – but it shall not be the last. This window [about 22 1/2″ tall and 28 1/2″ wide] is currently being created, but Leia tells us the image above is a good indicator of what the window will look like when finished. 

For those of you with tighter budgets, Leia has assured us that she is creating other smaller sun catchers and panels related to Tarzan, John Carter, Carson of Venus, The Eternal Savage, The Land That Time Forgot, and many more! Below is a sneak peek of what you’re in for.


Tarzan and the Moon (auctioned at ECOF 2014 to Brad Vinson)


Thuvia and the Banth (commissioned by Jim Thompson) Tars Tarkas Sun Catcher


ERB DooDad Sun Catcher Nu and Nat-ul Sun Catcher


Carson of Venus Rocket Ship Sun Catcher / Duare’s Sultry Gaze Sun Catcher

The following are working patterns of items that will be available at ECOF 2016:

tarzan-stained-glass-9 tarzan-stained-glass-10

John Carter, Dejah Thoris, and Woola Tarzan and Kerchak full-Nelson

tarzan-stained-glass-11 tarzan-stained-glass-12

Helium / Tarzan and the Moon

We look forward to seeing you at EOCF 2016! Please join us, but if you can’t you can contact Leia directly for quotes on commissioned licensed pieces on Facebook, or email her at fearandtrust@yahoo.com.

Best Regards,

The Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Team