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The missing link between Wisconsin and Africa
Tarzan on the Precipice

The second book in the series:
The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs®

Tarzan on the Precipice Book 1


At the conclusion of the classic TARZAN OF THE APES by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan is despondent but assured he did what was honorable by enabling Jane to leave with his cousin, William Clayton (who believes he is the rightful heir to the Greystoke estate and can appropriately provide for Jane when they marry). But what then? There has never been an explanation of Tarzan’s activities after his presence in Wisconsin and his voyage back to Africa – until now. 


Tarzan on the Precipice Book 2


Tarzan on the Precipice Book 3Thinking, time and again, that Tarzan’s demise is imminent, you will see he escapes only to encounter still more dangers with each episode building more suspense and anticipation. Tarzan’s discovery of a lost Viking civilization and the author’s description and explanation of it will bring you a clear picture of village life and the gruesome realities of their existence.

And while you may think this is a novel of pure fiction, archaeologists are continuing to discover new Viking sites in North America. Just recently, satellite technology has revealed intriguing evidence of a second Norse settlement in North America, further south than ever before known. A new Canadian site was discovered after infrared images from 400 miles in space showed possible man-made impressions under layers of vegetation with telltale signs of iron working. And now you will have the opportunity, while joining Tarzan, to unearth and experience this new discovery.

Of course, TARZAN ON THE PRECIPICE has a double meaning. He is indeed chained with his life hanging in the balance on the precipice of a volcanic crater, but he is also on the precipice of the rest of his life, not knowing his future, abandoning his right of birth as an English Lord and bereft of the thing in life he cherishes most, Jane. All that is left for him now is Africa, which is at least known to him. Enjoy this tale and join Tarzan on his Canadian adventure as he prepares to return to Africa and a future even he cannot predict.

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