At the Earth's Core

At the Earth’s Core


David Innes and Abner Perry build a giant mechanical prospector with which they hope to uncover vast mineral deposits far beneath the surface. On the “Iron Mole’s” first trip, however, they discover that their vehicle can’t be steered. Death seems certain, for doesn’t everyone know that the center of the earth is a molten mass of white-hot magma?

Instead what Innes and Perry discover is that the earth’s crust is only 500 miles thick and that the inner surface is inhabited. This is the land of Pellucidar, a place where dinosaurs roam through the jungles, and where saber-toothed tigers hunt the mastodon and mammoth. A tiny sun, the molten core of the earth, hangs in the center of the heavens, shedding perpetual daylight upon Pellucidar.