Ron Marz talks about his work on John Carter Warlord of Mars

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Ron Marz has been writing comics for more than two decades, starting his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Green Lantern for DC, Star Wars and Conan for Dark Horse, Witchblade for Top Cow, and as a staff writer for CrossGen Comics. He is also the current writer for The Mucker and Korak the Killer web comic hosted by Edgar Rice Burroughs website.

In an interview for ComicVine, Ron Marz goes into details about his inspiration and love for Edgar Rice Burroughs comics, as well as beginning work on the newest John Cater Warlord of Mars series published by Dynamite. He explains how John Carter made him want to become a writer growing up. He has ambitious plans for the first storyline as well as a great new villain. Marz also hopes to bring in new readers by starting fresh and re-introducing the world and setting, while still focusing on the heart of the series.

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