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Now Shipping from Our Friends at ERB Books!

The Moon Maid: The Centennial Edition is now available and ready to ship immediately from ERB Books!

Richard Lupoff called The Moon Maid trilogy Burroughs’ “masterpiece of science fiction.” You are invited to order this very special edition of The Moon Maid, published for the first time in hardback in three separate volumes with 20,000 words not found in the 1926 A. C. McClurg first edition.

Each book in the set is printed on archival paper, Symth sewn, bound in a leather cover, double stamped in gold, and wrapped in an original dust jacket. The set is housed, with a collector’s portfolio, in a decorated leather clamshell case. The three volumes are:

Volume 1: The Moon Maid™ 
Volume 2: The Moon Men
Volume 3: The Red Hawk

The edition is limited to 600 numbered and 52 lettered sets signed by the contributors. It is the fourth matching set in the “New World” series launched by ERB Books in 2020 with A Princess of Mars®—each of which celebrates the first appearance of one of ERB’s newly created realms filled with fantastic kingdoms, cultures, and creatures. This trilogy set commemorates both the first publication of The Moon Maid in Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1923 and the 100th Anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

Each volume in the set is unique with its own book cover design, illustrated endpapers, frontispiece and title pages. The Moon Maid trilogy will feature a total of 100 illustrations from over 20 different artists past and present and contain 20+ tipped in color plates, 30+ full page b&w illustrations and 40+ spot b&w illustrations.

A partial list of artists includes Jamie Chase, William Stout, Mark Schultz, Sanjulian, Bob Eggleton, Thomas Yeates, Daren Bader, Doug Klauba, Lawrence Schwinger, Reed Crandall, Mike Hoffman, Iain McCaig, Joe Jusko, J. Allen St. John, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and Roy Krenkel.

The case not only houses the books but a vintage-style collector’s portfolio with rare, curated replica items for The Moon Maid. These include the first pages of the manuscripts for each novella in the trilogy, pages and drawings from ERB’s notebook, letters and a telegram between ERB and his editor, 1920’s ERB Inc. advertising and numerous 11×17 reproductions of some of the best pieces of art from the book.

Artwork by P. J. Monahan

Price for the numbered edition (#1–600): $349.99
for the lettered edition (A–ZZ): $449.99

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