NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER: Victory Harben™: The Complete Graphic Novel Adventures

The campaign for Victory Harben: The Complete Graphic Novel Adventures is now live on Kickstarter! 

The campaign includes two full-length graphic novels, Victory Harben: Warriors of Zandar and Victory Harben: Ghosts of Omos, as well some VERY SPECIAL Kickstarter exclusives that will not be offered anywhere else, including Victory Harben: Tales from the Void (a vintage-style “pocketbook” paperback collecting for the first time six fantastical tales of the Swords of Eternity Super-Arc, including the never-before-published novelette “Victory Harben and the Lord of the Veiled Eye” by Christopher Paul Carey), and a handmade plushie of Victory’s furry companion, Hucklebuck, which is limited to only 15 backers!

Don’t wait to take up the adventure—back the campaign on Kickstarter now!

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