Museum of Science Fiction Project Status Update No. 8, Q4 2015

museum of science fiction

These guys have sure kept themselves busy!

  • Announced the CubeSat Competition
  • Announced the Journal of Science Fiction
  • Received three CarMax matching grant awards
  • Installed the Future of Travel exhibit at National Airport
  • Released the iOS Mobile App
  • Signed a NASA Space Act Agreement
  • Announced Escape Velocity for 2016
  • Exhibited at Awesome Con 2015
  • Ben Bova joined our advisory board
  • Supported Disney’s Tomorrowland opening
  • Built the Virtual Museum of Science Fiction
  • Morgan Gendel came to Brooklyn for Lectures
  • Installed the Architectural Designs exhibit in Brooklyn
  • Opened the Minecraft Server for Informal Learning
  • Supported NASA with Comet Hitchhiker Concept
Read their full list Here!