Massive Black Friday Sale!

Enter a universe of adventure with our truly MASSIVE Black Friday Sale! From ERB-related books, puzzles, and playing cards to our classy Tarzan Crest Clothing and Hand-Painted Tarzan Centennial Anniversary Statue crafted by legendary artist Joe DeVito, it’s all on sale! The sale begins today and runs through January 8, 2023, so don’t miss out on your chance to expand your ERB collection or pick out the perfect gift for that special ERB fan in your life at these unprecedented discounted prices!

20% Off Most of the Books in Our Inventory!

All paperback and standard hardcover editions of our Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe, Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library, and Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs books are now on sale at 20% off the list price! To top it off, we’ve also included Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition, The Girl from Hollywood Centennial Edition, and Joe Jusko’s Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs in the sale! ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SALE DOES NOT INCLUDE HARDCOVER COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS.***

4 Books for the Price of 3 Sale on the ERB Authorized Library

For a limited time, you can now get Tarzan Sets #1–4, #5–8, #9–12, #13–16, as well as preorders for the upcoming volumes #17–20, at the special offer of 4 books for the price of 3! The sale on Tarzan Sets #5–8, #9–12, and #13–16 ends January 8, 2023, so now’s the perfect time to fill in the gaps in your Tarzan library! And don’t forget, each individual volume of Tarzan books #1–16 is also on sale at 20% off through January 8, 2023 (this discount cannot be combined with the “4 Books for the Price of 3” sale or any other offer).

40% Off Sale on Less-than-Perfect Books

Every time we receive a large shipment of books from our printer, there are a few copies that have minor dings, dents, and scratches, or are otherwise physically imperfect and just don’t meet our high standards of quality. But you know what? These less-than-perfect books make great reading copies, so we’ve decided to put them on sale at a whopping 40% off! Simply select the “Less-than-Perfect” option from the drop-down menu on the book’s product page and add the selection to your shopping cart to take advantage of this amazing offer. Check out our inventory of discounted less-than-perfect books here!

Still on Sale!

Earlier this month, we announced a sale on selected ERB merchandise, including Tarzan Crest Clothing, puzzles, playing cards, and the Hand-Painted Tarzan Centennial Anniversary Statue. This sale is still ongoing and will run through January 8, 2022. Browse the sale items here!

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