The Girl from Hollywood – Another Classic Web Comic

Developed from a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs The Master of Adventure

Hollywood was a prime destination for beautiful young women in the 1920s. These women arrived from out in the country and other cities. They came full of hope of becoming major stars in the newfound motion picture profession. But most were at risk of falling under the influence of agents who had many ways to control their destiny. Women who grew up in the Hollywood area had more solid roots but even they would yield, at their peril, to the promises made to them but never kept.

Edgar Rice Burroughs gives an early look into the subculture of Hollywood, with drugs directing human activity, that continues to this day. The New York Times described The Girl from Hollywood as “a fascinating cultural document about a California ranch family ruined by booze, dope and movieland promiscuity.” During Prohibition, alcohol use was common, but distributors had to keep it hidden, hoping to not be discovered by the authorities. But hiding was next to impossible – so framing someone else for murder was one way to throw the authorities off your trail.

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