Darva the Shadow is the proud and fierce daughter of Koorva, chief and shaman to the Ul-rahn people, a Stone Age tribe that makes its home on the edge of the Forest of Death beyond the borders of the Federated Kingdoms of Pellucidar. Darva grew up under her father’s tutelage, apprenticing in the esoteric shamanic rituals of his position and becoming the tribe’s Ul-vana, or high priestess. As befits her role as Ul-vana, Darva the Shadow has taken on the appearance of a beautiful but forbidding specter, with streaks of black charcoal marking her face and gray ash covering the exposed areas of her skin. She wields razor-sharp twin blades of black obsidian that would give any enemy pause. Always nearby are her two diminutive pterosaur familiars, ready to respond to her summons and defend their mistress against any who would harm her.

Name: Darva the Shadow
Title: Ul-vana (high priestess of the Ul-rahn)
Birthplace: The Forest of Death
Species: Human/gilak (Pellucidarian)
Tribe: The Ul-rahn
Parents: Koorva (father)
Siblings: Koorva, son of Koorva (brother); Leena (sister)
Animal Companions: Two diminutive but vicious pterosaur familiars
Weapons of Choice: Twin blades of black obsidian
Personal Interests: The afterlife, medicinal herbs and plants

Canonical Appearances

Expanded Canon:

“Pellucidar: Dawn of the Deathslayer” (novella – forthcoming) by Christopher Paul Carey

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