John Carter of Mars the Role Playing Game

Posted on January 18, 2018


Gizmodo io9: John Carter Of Mars Is Getting an Action-Packed Romance RPG

Posted on January 9, 2018

Modiphius Entertainment has announced its latest tabletop , John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom. Working in cooperation with Burroughs’ estate, the pulp-action RPG lets players take on iconic roles like John Carter, Dejah Thoris, and Tars Tarkas (or a made-up character) “as they , battle, and romance their way across the wondrous and dangerous world known to its natives as Barsoom.” John Carter of Mars launched today on Kickstarter, and it’s already nearly tripled its fundraising goal.
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John Carter of Mars – The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Funded!

Posted on January 9, 2018

With scarcely a parting glance I turned my eyes again toward Mars, lifted my hands toward his lurid rays, and waited…” – John Carter, Gods of Mars

John Carter of Mars – Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom is a planetary romance tabletop role-playing game. We’ve created it under license and with the cooperation of the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the original Barsoom novels. We’ve also had guidance of Scott Tracy Griffin one of the leading scholars of his works to ensure utmost authenticity. Using a pulp-action inspired narrative variant of Modiphius’ 2d20 system, Momentum, John Carter of Mars allows players to take the role of various adventurers and heroes as they travel, battle, and romance their way across the wondrous and dangerous world known to its natives as Barsoom. Play as John Carter, the princess Dejah Thoris or the fearsome Thark warrior Tars Tarkas – or create your own new heroes from a wide variety of options.

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From Ancient Opar to the Moon: An Interview with Author Christopher Paul Carey

Posted on January 3, 2018

Christopher Paul Carey is a name well known to the readers of Philip José Farmer. In 2012, his collaboration with Farmer, The Song of Kwasin, was published by Subterranean Press in the omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. Other installments in the Khokarsa series (also known as the Ancient Opar series) by Carey followed, including Exiles of Kho, Hadon, King of Opar, and Blood of Ancient Opar. As Farmer’s Khokarsa series was inspired by the lost city of Opar from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan novels, it is fitting that Christopher Paul Carey now tries his hand at Swords Against the Moon Men, a new novel set in the world of Burroughs’ Moon trilogy (The Moon Maid, The Moon Men, and The Red Hawk). I took some time to ask Chris about Swords Against the Moon Men as well as other aspects of his writing career.
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Swords Against the Moon Men – Hard Cover with Dust Jacket Now Available

Posted on December 14, 2017

Book #6 in The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs Series
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket Now Available

Swords Against the Moon Men

An all-new science fantasy adventure novel by the acclaimed coauthor of the Ancient Opar series, Christopher Paul Carey  

Cover Art by Chris Peuler and Interior Illustrations by Mark Wheatley 

Hailed by author and science fiction scholar Richard Lupoff as a “masterpiece of science fiction” and a “pioneer work of the modern school of social extrapolation in science fiction,” Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic lunar trilogy—The Moon Maid, The Moon Men, and The Red Hawk—tells the generational tale of humanity’s fight for freedom against alien conquerors from the Moon. The hero, Julian, finds his soul perpetually reincarnated in the bodies of his successive grandsons, fated to confront—down through the centuries—the vicious Kalkars who have subjugated Earth.

The epic saga continues in this novel, Swords Against the Moon Men.

In 2076 AD, Earth has been conquered and humanity brutally enslaved under the cruel tyranny of the Kalkar invaders whose evil was spawned from Va-nah, the Moon’s hollow interior. Julian 7thdescendant of the great hero who led the first expedition to Va-nah and nearly defeated the Kalkars—receives a mysterious transmission from the planet Barsoom.

The desperate plea from the Red Planet swiftly hurls Julian upon a lonely quest into the heart of Va-nah where he teams up with an U-ga princess and a fierce alien quadruped, and launches a daring rescue to save a lost Barsoomian ambassadorial mission. The success of this mission depends on an unlikely alliance with the Warlord of Mars to assail the enemy’s impregnable stronghold.

If Julian fails in this quest, humanity—and the entire solar system—will never escape the iron grip of the Moon Men.

Enjoy this exciting new adventure [Book #6 in The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Series]. Available in Hard Cover with a Dust Jacket at and

Order your Hard Cover copy of Swords Against the Moon Men Today or [Amazon coming soon]



Christopher Paul Carey is the coauthor with Philip José Farmer of The Song of Kwasin, and the author of Exiles of Kho; Hadon, King of Opar; and Blood of Ancient Opar, all works set in Farmer’s Khokarsa series, which was inspired by the timeless works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He has also scripted two comic books from 
Dynamite Entertainment featuring iconic characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs: Pathfinder Worldscape: Lord of the Jungle One-Shot and Pathfinder Worldscape: Dejah Thoris One-Shot. His short fiction may be found in anthologies such as The Avenger: The Justice, Inc. Files; Doc Ardan: The Abominable Snowman; Ghost in the Cogs: Steam-Powered Ghost Stories; The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno; Tales of the Shadowmen; Tales of the Wold Newton Universe; and The Worlds of Philip José Farmer. Carey is a senior editor at Paizo—working on both the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Starfinder—and he has edited numerous collections, anthologies, and novels. Carey holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction and lives in Western Washington.


COVER ART: Chris Peuler [at right] is a genre illustrator based in Chicago, working primarily in fantasy and science fiction. A traditionally trained digital painter, Chris has created vivid imagery for various gaming and book publications. His first full wraparound dust jacket painting for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., was the cover art for Lee Strong’s novel, A Soldier of Poloda: Further Adventures Beyond the Farthest Star.

INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS: Mark Wheatley [at left] holds the Eisner, Inkpot, Mucker, Gem, Speakeasy awards and nominations for the Harvey and the Ignatz as well as being an inductee to the Overstreet Hall of Fame. He has designed for Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, ABC’s Beauty and the Beast, and Square Roots, as well as Super Clyde, The Millers and 2 Broke Girls on CBS. His works include Doctor Cthulittle, Breathtaker, Return of the Human, Ez Street, Lone Justice, Mars, Black Hood, Prince Nightmare, Hammer of the Gods, Blood of the Innocent, Frankenstein Mobster, Miles the Monster, Skultar and Titanic Tales as well as Tarzan, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Jonny Quest, Dr. Strange, The Flash, Captain Action, Argus, The Spider, Stargate Atlantis, the Three Stooges, Torchwood  and Doctor Who.


Mars 360 Degree VR Panorama

Posted on December 14, 2017

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 1197

Click on the Image to view the interactive 360 degree panorama on Facebook. 


Holiday Book Sale. Choose 2 Softcovers, Save $10 (That’s 25% off)

Posted on December 1, 2017

Holiday Book Sale

Save $10 – That’s 25% OFF ($39.99 $29.99) when you choose 2 out of 4 of the latest softcover books from The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs Book Series

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New Comic Strip launch: The Girl From Farris’s

Posted on November 11, 2017

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Presents 

The Girl From Farris’s
an all new web comic in our comic subscription lineup

In a dark alley, a young woman wearing very little clothing runs for her life. A cop intervenes, saving her. But in a sinister twist, that cop takes her vulnerability and uses it as a weapon to coerce her into framing an evil man – the man she was initially running from – with murder. 

In the courtroom, a successful business man sitting on the jury sees this woman – Maggie – not as a witness to be judged but as a woman to be saved. His anonymous interventions, ironically, helps Maggie gain a better life while ensnaring him in the same trap she encountered – leading him down a path of personal and financial ruin and alcoholism. 

Can two innocent people, facing evil, greed, and deceit, find real justice, and the possibility of happiness, when the only weapon they possess is a belief in each other?

See the first 4 strips of The Girl From Farris’s, free, and our entire lineup of 22 Edgar Rice Burroughs Comic Adventures. 

The Girl From Farris’s TEAM

WRITER Charles Santino

The Girl From Farris’s is Charles Santino’s second web comic for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the first being The Girl from Hollywood.

Santino is the co-author and co-creator of the LINE Webtoons web comic, Danny and Harry Private Detectives, with collaborator/artist Walter Brogan. He has written and packaged comics and graphic novels for Marvel Comics, Penguin Books, Random House, Fantagraphics, and others.

Santino’s credits include Conan the Barbarian, Louis L’Amour’s The Law of the Desert Born,Savage Tales, Aesop’s Fables, and Marvel’s humor title, What The–?! He collaborated with novelist and screenplay author, Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice), on the psychological horror novel, Toplin, published by Dell/Abyss.


Celia Lowenthal is a comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for drawing patterns and puffy period sleeves. Folklore, mythology, and early literature are some of her biggest inspirations. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016, was the recipient of the 2015 Will Eisner Scholarship award from the Society of Illustrators, and lives in New York.


Soft Cover Now Available: A Soldier of Poloda, Further Adventures Beyond the Farthest star

Posted on November 9, 2017


Worlds at War!
Behind enemy lines,450,000 light-years from Earth 

Like fellow Earthman, Tangor from the story Beyond the Farthest Star, American OSS officer Thomas Randolph is mysteriously teleported to a foreign planet where he lands in the center of a 100-year war that mirrors the Allied Powers’ struggle against Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. 

Unlike Tangor, Randolph — now Tomas Ran — finds himself behind enemy lines where he gains a first-hand view of the inner workings of the corrupt Kapar empire. Will Tomas, using his OSS skills, be able to devise a plan to escape with the beautiful Unisan prisoner, Loris Kiri, that will allow them to join her countrymen in their struggle against the Kapars?

Order your Soft Cover of A Soldier of Poloda Today


American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs debuted the world of Poloda in the pulp story Beyond the Farthest Star in 1940 just as Hitler’s Nazis marched across Europe and the Imperial Japanese extended their reach across the South Pacific. Burroughs’ youthful idealism regarding the nobility of America’s previous war efforts had given way to a mature perspective of the savagery of combat that stains every battlefield. Burroughs’ deeply-held views are reflected in this tale about a planet ravaged by 100 years of conflict as the nation of Unis devotes its entire existence to the struggle of freedom against tyranny.

Author Lee Strong created this second adventure on the planet Poloda, which lies beyond the Globular Cluster NGC 7006 — 450,000 light years away from earth. Join Tomas Ran as he explores Poloda, battles Kapars, and finds love Beyond the Farthest Star.

Enjoy this exciting new adventure [Book #5 in The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Series and the first Science Fiction book in the Series]. Also available in Hard Cover with a Dust Jacket at and


Lee Strong‘s heart was captured by the dinosaurs found At the Earth’s Core in 1962 – he has been a Burroughs reader ever since. Lee also worked for the US Department of Defense (DOD); changed international policy with a single report; deployed to Kuwait; saved taxpayers $5 million; and reformed the $2 billion DOD Personal Property Program. A Soldier of Poloda is Lee’s first novel. He is currently working on two Pellucidar novels with more to comeLee’s motto: More Adventure ! More Excitement !! More Burroughs !!!


COVER ART: Chris Peuler is a genre illustrator based in Chicago, working primarily in fantasy and science fiction. A traditionally-trained digital painter, Chris has created vivid imagery for various gaming and book publications, as well as taking time to work on his own personal portfolio. This beautiful, other-worldly cover art is his first full wraparound dust jacket painting for ERB, Inc.

INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS: Earl Geier has illustrated horror, fantasy and science fiction scenes in the role playing game industry for Fasa, Chaosium, TSR, Fantasy Flight, Dark Conspiracy, and others. He has illustrated books for Cemetery Dance, Chaosium, Gryphon, American Fantasy Press and Subterranean Press, and covers for The Fandom Directory. In the comic book world Earl has drawn for Dark Horse Comics, Comizone, Now, Innovation and DC Comics. His artwork has been featured as background in the TV show Supernatural “Let It Bleed.” Earl lives in Chicago, Illinois.